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Always Ready
Please add a “SHARE” button! This stuff is too g...
Always Ready
I don’t want to get so deeply involved in the social m...
Always Ready
It has been about a generation since I read Generations and ...
Moscow on the Rocks
This meeting with Dmitri Simes, Alastair Cooke and Larry Joh...
Mr P
Daily Chronicles
Speaking of Hamas… Comrade M has Qatar/Hamas position ...
Daily Chronicles
Dear Mr P, perhaps this podcast by Judge Napolitano with Max...
Daily Chronicles
In a dusty township graveyard, a line of open graves, before...
Always Ready
This is a discussion from our China Writer’s Group. I...
Daily Chronicles
as a child i was never interested in kites, yet in old age i...
Hamas Official Press Conference
It’s an eschatological war. Uncle Satan, south of the medi...


  • Daily Chronicles

    The Daily Chronicles are snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in – as such, this thread is non-structured with the latest news on top. A Gonzalo Lira update!. 

    After a slow…

  • Always Ready

    US is getting more and more provocative in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits. So, the PLA released a bilingual video “always ready” as a warning to the crusaders.  

    The objective is:

    能战方能止战 only those with the capability to fight…

  • Moscow on the Rocks

    Russia will not initiate a diplomatic dialogue. A sense of threat is very real in Russia. Diplomatic channels conveyed this message to the Americans.

    by Pepe Escobar and first posted at Strategic Culture

    And then, casually, almost as an afterthought while meeting…

  • China rejects EU Trade Deficit Complaints

    The entitlement and hubris is absolutely off the charts:
    “We’ve got to look at what are the technologies where we are ahead of China, they’re capable of doing very bad things and we’re going to deny the entire country this class…