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We are in the foothills of the greatest clash of civilizations the world has ever known.

One side or the other will have to bend the knee and kiss the ring of the victor.

They will also have to concede access to all their secrets, assets, natural and human resources.

America wrote important parts of the German and Japanese school curriculum for 3 generations.

This is the most efficient way to control a vanquished population long term.

Digital assets like a Social Credit Score and banking will allow the victors to control an entire population through their smart phones. If you do not carry one facial recognition identify you.

Squawk and your SCS and those of your associates will fall. You can lose a Passport, education. employment, housing, access to your children, healthcare, food.

A vast open gulag with privilege granted or removed depending on compliance with overlords.

Almost 80 years after WW2 USA still has bases in Germany and Japan.

The new gulag will last generations.

For one side or the other. No one can afford to back down.