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I have such stories about meatballs.  Having grown up on a farm with family in the meat business, we always had top quality ground beef on hand.  We made those things for everything!  Just a pan full in the oven, and we went everywhere (not too many restaurants where we traveled and we often took road food with).  A sandwich in one hand and even a cold meatball in the other, and that could keep the kids from whining.  (Yeah, I was the eldest and had reponsibilities! ha!)

My family in law are Swedish, so, all they knew about meatballs was Swedish meatballs.  For them, a meatball did not exist if it was not a Swedish meatball.  So, the parents-in-law got older and I inherited the job of making Swedish food and of course, I had never seen a Swedish meatball.  So, I just made some, and the family story went that I made the best Swedish meatballs ever!  I just left those perceptions as it was too hard to change them.  Those were African meatballs and they had never seen a Swede.