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It looks like a missile swarm on Ukraine last evening, but like usual, we wait for the RussianMoD to confirm.

Changes in the rhetoric. This is from a channel called Soroca-Beloboca that regularly provides very reasonable analysis.

Crimea cannot be returned to Ukraine

This assessment of the situation was presented by speakers at a closed briefing for members of the House of Representatives Committee on the Armed Forces in the US Congress. American experts believe that Kyiv’s plans to “return” Crimea are not feasible now or in the near future. This information was published in Politico (https://www.politico.com/news/2023/02/01/ukraine-crimea-russia-pentagon-00080799) with reference to unnamed interlocutors familiar with the content of the briefing. At the same time, the publication does not indicate what led the speakers to this conclusion.

This assessment is sure to disappoint Kyiv’s leaders, who see the return of the peninsula as one of their main goals and are even preparing for a major offensive in the spring. Ukrainians constantly raise the idea of capturing Crimea in their speeches. Recently, at the WEF in Davos, Zelensky’s adviser Andriy Yermak rejected the idea of Ukraine’s victory without the recapture of Crimea.

The situation is clear, the scars from the loss of part of the habitual territories on the body of Ukraine are still festering. However, the Kyiv regime still does not admit its guilt that it could not preserve the integrity of the state, that people refuse and run away from such rulers and the new reality that the nationalist regime paints. It was the people’s choice. And Donbass is the choice of the Russian people, the choice for a normal future. Now Ukraine would have to keep what it has, and not dream about the Crimea. After all, part of the territory may also go to the Poles. And we haven’t finished cleaning yet.