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Xi Jinping’s comments at meeting with Biden (Chinese readout)


Hua Chunying 华春莹



There are 2 options for China and the U.S. going forward: either

1) “enhance solidarity and cooperation and join hands to meet global challenges and promote global security and prosperity” or

2) “cling to the zero-sum mentality, provoke rivalry and confrontation, and drive the world toward turmoil and division”

– To highlight the extreme importance of this Xi stressed that “the two choices point to two different directions that will decide the future of humanity and Planet Earth.”

– He said that “China’s development is driven by its inherent logic and dynamics. China will not take the old path of colonization and plundering, or the wrong path of seeking hegemony with growing strength. It does not export its ideology, or engage in ideological confrontation with any country.”

– He sought to reassure the US that “China does not have a plan to surpass or unseat the U.S. Likewise, the U.S. should not scheme to suppress and contain China.” The reason why is because “mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation are the lessons we learned from 50 years of China-U.S. relations as well as the conflicts between major countries in history. China and the U.S. should put in a lot of efforts to follow them.”

– For the purpose of achieving “solidarity and cooperation” instead of “rivalry and confrontation” he proposed the following 5 steps/principles:

1) “Jointly developing a right perception. China is consistently committed to having a stable, healthy and sustainable relationship with the U.S.” But “at the same time, China has interests that must be safeguarded, principles that must be upheld, and red lines that must not be crossed.”

2) “Jointly managing disagreements effectively. It is important that they appreciate each other’s principles and red lines, and refrain from flip-flopping, being provocative, and crossing the lines. China and the U.S. should have more communications, more dialogues and more consultations, and calmly handle their differences as well as accidents.”

3) “Jointly advancing mutually beneficial cooperation. It is important to fully utilize the restored and new mechanisms in foreign policy, economy, finance, commerce, agriculture and other fields, and carry out cooperation in such areas as counternarcotics, judicial and law enforcement affairs, AI, and science and technology.”

4) “Jointly shouldering responsibilities as major countries. China and the U.S. should lead by example, step up coordination and cooperation on international and regional issues, and provide more public goods for the world.”

5) “Jointly promoting people-to-people exchanges. The two sides should increase direct flights, advance tourism cooperation, expand subnational exchanges, strengthen educational cooperation, and encourage & support greater interactions & communication between their people.”

Xi also expanded on China’s “interests that must be safeguarded, principles that must be upheld, and red lines that must not be crossed”:

– He pointed out that “the Taiwan question remains the most important and most sensitive issue in China-U.S. relations. China takes seriously the positive statements made by the U.S. in the Bali meeting.” He said that “the U.S. side should take real actions to honor its commitment of not supporting ‘Taiwan independence’, stop arming Taiwan, and support China’s peaceful reunification. China will realize reunification, and this is unstoppable.”

– He also said that “U.S. actions against China regarding export control, investment screening and unilateral sanctions seriously hurt China’s legitimate interests.” He considers that “stifling China’s technological progress is nothing but a move to contain China’s high-quality development and deprive the Chinese people of their right to development.”

– He highlighted that despite U.S. efforts “China’s development and growth, driven by its own inherent logic, will not be stopped by external forces.” He told Biden that “it is important that the U.S. side take China’s concerns seriously and adopt tangible steps to lift its unilateral sanctions so as to provide an equal, fair and nondiscriminatory environment for Chinese businesses.”

——- That’s about it. If one were to summarize, this was Xi trying to make Biden understand both countries and the world at large would be much better off if they cooperated instead of confronted each other, and making it clear that some red lines were being crossed (Taiwan and attempts to contain China’s development). Knowing Biden and the neocons around him, it’s sadly a fair bet this fell on deaf ears… Although I do believe that with Ukraine and Israel, they’ll probably look to stabilize things for a while given they have their hands full with their existing wars.

Biden called Xi Jingping a dictator again.  For us, that has watched the ebb and flow of the US trying to deal with, or rather make China their lackey or a massive client regime, this is a well-known step towards US actioning in some or other way, their China hatred.  Brian Berletic has the same idea here. It is as if one is watching something where you can forecast how the dominoes are going to fall.

There was something that fell harshly on the eyes. With these kinds of summits, China usually decorates to the 9th degree so that the environment is really pleasant. Take a look at this photo. It could be the meeting of the local bus conductor’s annual. There is nothing that is attractive in that pic.

The final outcome:

The two sides agreed to promote and strengthen dialogue and cooperation in various fields, including establishing an intergovernmental dialogue on artificial intelligence, setting up a China-US drug control cooperation working group to carry out anti-drug cooperation, resuming high-level military-to-military communication, China-US defense department working meetings, China-US military maritime security consultation mechanism meetings based on equality and respect, and conducting China-US military regional leaders’ conversations.

They also agreed to significantly increase flights early next year, expanding exchanges in education, international students, youth, culture, sports, and business circles, among others.

The meeting began around 11 am on Wednesday and concluded at 1:35 pm local time, lasting for approximately two hours, according to media reports.

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22 days ago

Great points by XI – Biden & the uSA by extension, always speaks with Forked Tounges. Of course China will be well aware of that.