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Some Notes on Some Events

With thanks to Batiuska, our writer

‘If you do not live for something, you will die for nothing’.

The Sitting War and The Three Aims

Aim One

Those addicted to Hollywood war films and special effects, with sweeping advances of tanks across vast panoramic plains, huge explosions, mass death and destruction, wars over in weeks, are rather bored by the conflict in the Ukraine. The Russians quickly achieved most of their first aim of liberating the two provinces of the Donbass, admittedly forcibly extended by Kiev’s threats to the Crimea to two extra provinces. Once they had liberated those easily defendable parts of the Russian-speaking areas of the Ukraine, most of the four eastern provinces, on top of the Crimea which had already voted nearly unanimously to join Russia in 2014, for some eighteen months the Russians have just sat there in a ‘Sitzkrieg’. That is because they have been concentrating on their second aim.

Aim Two

The Russians have been fighting a war of attrition from their trenches and fortifications. They have been destroying Kiev forces and their arms, as they are suicidally thrown at them in order to impress their death-loving sponsors in Washington and Ramstein, making it all so easy for them. Why start an offensive and lose men, when you do not need to? But what did you expect? Before the conflict started, the Russians stated that their second aim was to ‘demilitarise the Ukraine’, to which less than two years ago Zelensky had promised nuclear arms. Demilitarisation is exactly what the Russians are doing. Of course, it is all taking much longer than intended in Plan A, but that is only because the West keeps sending tens of billions of weapons to be destroyed by the Russians, which was provided for by their Plan B. So what happens once the Kiev regime has nothing more to throw at the Russians to be turned into burning scrap metal, Bradleys, Leopards, Challengers etc, especially when Russia has not even committed the vast bulk of its Army?

Aim Three

First of all, the Russians do not want to invade and occupy the Ukraine. That would be the last scenario on the list, Plan X. Why occupy land when you are already by far the largest country in the world? Only if your people live there and they are being persecuted and massacred there. In the west of the Ukraine, that is mostly not the case – very few Russians live there. The Russians stated at the beginning of the Special Operation that their third aim, after liberating the Russian East and demilitarising the whole, was to denazify the Ukraine. In other words, the third aim is to neutralise the Ukraine, making it a place of freedom for all its peoples, a place of self-determination, not the place of centralised persecution of its minorities and their religions by the Soviet-style secret police in Kiev.

The Principle of Non-Occupation and the New Ukraine

The Russians know that you cannot occupy a country that does not want you. Germany found that out in its four to five years of occupation of countries like the Netherlands, France and Norway. They were not welcome, there was resistance, the Germans were always occupiers, armies of occupation. It cost them a great deal to tie up their troops there for just a few years and that presence would necessarily have become permanent. And the German occupiers were hated.

After them the red-star empire of the USSR found out the same thing. Occupying Eastern Europe for decades cost a lot of money and they had to face constant revolts – in East Germany in 1953, in Hungary in 1956, in the west of the Ukraine for thirteen years until 1958, in Czechoslovakia in 1968, and finally in Poland from 1980 on. And the Soviet occupiers were and still are hated. And the white-star empire of the USA, discovered this too, in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. ‘Yanks go home’, cried the people, as American technology could not defeat Vietnamese peasants and sandalled goatherders. And the American occupiers were and still are hated there.

Once Russia has liberated the whole territory of the five Eastern provinces of the old Ukraine, which already overwhelmingly voted to become part of Russia by plebiscite, what will come next? Once the remainder of the country has been fully demilitarised and denazified, self-determination will come. Maybe another two or even four or even more provinces will vote to rejoin Russia, maybe one will vote to rejoin Romania and another Hungary. The rest, the New Ukraine, will remain independent, without a US puppet government, and still be one of the larger countries in Europe, perhaps sixth or seventh in rank, similar to Norway or Germany, somewhat larger than neighbouring Belarus.

The G21 taken over by BRICS +

It is surely India’s, or Bharat’s, year. Firstly, it overtakes China and becomes the country with the world’s largest population and its third largest economy by PPP. Secondly, its scientists organise a very impressive moon landing. Finally, it hosts the G20 in Delhi and, triumphing over the West, it gets the African Union to join it, so BRICS-ising what was originally an American puppet organisation. Sunak, the UK traitor (from an Indian viewpoint) feebly tried playing the Indian and Hindu card, but failed even to get a meeting with the Indian Premier Modi. The British can no longer lecture India – but the Indians can lecture Britain – and have every moral right to do so.

How long before India is awarded a seat on the UN Security Council? But for that to happen Latin America and Africa would also have to be represented there, whereas at present US-sponsored pygmies like the UK and France are represented. And should not the UN be moved from New York anyway? Africa, India and China – that is exactly four billion, half the world. China and Russia did not even attend the G20, or rather the G18 and yet, even though absent, they pulled the strings. Why should they have been present? Present were Western countries that are killing Russian soldiers with their arms and enforcing illegal sanctions against Russia and China, acting in hybrid wars against both of them.

Of course, Western countries, a minority of the post-Western G20, were rebuked and there was no statement against Russia’s liberation of the Ukrainian puppet from the West. There was instead a statement against those who meddle in the affairs of other countries – as the West tries to do everywhere. In a word, the West was humiliated at the first post-colonial G20. Little wonder that Biden was so disgusted that he left even before the third session.

How To Become the Leader of a Western Country

Criteria in Europe

The present Prime Minister of the UK is unelected. So was Truss, the previous one. Unelected political leaders are nothing unusual there. After all, it is the rich class who rule the country, whichever tailor’s dummy is the front (wo)man. The much mocked and disliked political leaders of Germany and France probably have about 18% of the popular vote. Democracy? Free choice? Everyone knows it is a myth, the choice between two candidates, both carefully selected by the elite and presented by the elite’s media. Elections are due in Slovakia in two weeks’ time. Many expect that an anti-Ukrainian government will be elected; the present government there, like most in Eastern Europe, except for really democratic Hungary, would be replaced by the same, if the US and their EU gave the electorate the chance.

Criteria in the USA

It would appear that in order to be President of the USA, you have to be head of the CIA (Bush senior), or a willing instrument of the military-industrial complex (Clinton/Obama), or mentally-challenged (Bush junior), or else have dementia, ‘cognitive decline’, (Biden). In other words, as long as for whatever reason you can be manipulated by the oligarchs who actually run the place, you can become President. This is why they hated Trump, because he could not be controlled. He already had plenty of money, so he could not be bought, and he showed great independence. The solution was to malign him as a ‘populist’ (that is, the people like him), slander him (Russiagate), get dirt on him (pay a pornstar), or get him impeached and put him in prison (corrupt the judges). The danger is still there -that he might get re-elected. No worries. Ultimately, there remains that old favourite of the US military industrial complex: assassination.

Criteria in the Ukraine

All Non-Western or poor Western countries have to be controlled by the US through a puppet. Those countries are Third World banana republics, as seen from the US viewpoint – at one point Italy and Greece were both on the list. The puppet must have two essential qualities. Firstly, he must speak English. After all, how else can the local crucifier/Pontius Pilate/Roman governor/US ambassador communicate with him and issue him with orders? Secondly, the puppet must like money. After all, why else would he do what you order him to do? These are the two essential points, but there are several other desirables.

For example, if he is an actor, ‘a comedian in cargo pants’, that would really help. He will be used to wearing different costumes, military or otherwise, to wearing make-up and appearing in front of cameras and acting. Another desirable is if his wife (he must have one) looks American (like Zelensky’s screenwriter wife), speaks American (like Zelensky’s wife) or was born in or has lived in America (like Yushchenko’s wife). And finally, there is that great asset for the neocons – that he be Jewish (like both Poroshenko and Zelensky). The last thing you want is a man rooted in his own people. He might resist you.