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NATO’s World War?

Posted with thanks to Batiushka, our writer


My father fought against the Nazis. In 1942 he lost his two best friends to one of their shells. For some mysterious reason it killed them, but only injured him, though he did have to spend six weeks in hospital. Sixty years later, as he lay dying of old age, he recalled his lost friends with tears in his eyes, men who had not lived, killed in their early twenties.

Sadly, after 1945 the supposedly anti-Nazi Americans placed some of the ‘ex-’ Nazi officers, who had fired such shells, in posts of command in their NATO and formed the West German Establishment. Strange how even the words ‘NATO’ and ‘Nazi’ sound similar. Now our former allies are openly supporting, training and arming Nazis. Not in my father’s name. And not in my name.

Two World Wars

How strange that the two Great European Wars of the last century came to be called ‘World Wars’. The first, ostensibly, was about Serbia and Belgium, the second about Poland. However, although these are all countries in Europe, Europe got its colonies and imitators around the globe involved in its Wars and so they became ‘World Wars’. Thus, in both Wars the French used their North African troops and the British relied hugely on Indian troops in the Far East and Egypt.

One of the imitation Western countries, Japan, which had been financed and armed to the teeth by Great Britain, started its British and US-orchestrated 1904-5 war against Russia by destroying the Russian Pacific Fleet in harbour without warning. They repeated this infamy in 1941, but this time against the US Pacific Fleet and three days later humiliated the British Royal Navy, sinking its two most prestigious battleships. Two months later Japan forced Britain to surrender in its most humiliating defeat ever in Singapore. As they say: What goes round, comes round.

The NATO War in Europe

Now we have a conflict in Europe again, this time in the Ukraine. When the very limited Russian liberation operation to stop the genocide of Russians in the eastern Ukraine began in February 2022 after eight years of Kiev’s NATO-organised massacres amid Russian patience and diplomacy, it could all have ended with relatively little damage in just a few weeks. However, Washington forbade peace and escalated, ordering its NATO vassals in the UK and the EU to escalate, arming the Kiev regime to the teeth and training its forces – just as it had been doing at a lower level since 2014.

And then the West escalated again. And again. And again. The Russian Plan A, to defeat the Kiev Fascists in the Donbass, had to be adjusted because of NATO/Kiev aggression against the Crimea. They also had to liberate Zaporozhie and Kherson and so form a landbridge to the Crimea. But even this adjusted Plan A was not enough. Plan A has had to be exchanged for Plan B. This will probably mean gradually freeing all the eastern half of the Ukraine as far as the River Dniepr, so that NATO weapons can no longer be used to attack Russian civilians from there. But even Plan B may not be enough. Time for Plan C.

Plan C

With the terrorist drone and missile attacks launched by the NATO puppets in Kiev against purely civilian targets in Russia, in Belgorod, Kursk, Donetsk, the Crimea, on the Kerch Bridge and even against Moscow (not including the terrorist attack on the Nordstream pipelines to Germany off the Danish coast), it now looks like Plan C will be needed. Plan C will mean taking Nikolaev, Odessa and all the south, so landlocking the Ukraine and probably temporarily occupying the rest of the Ukraine, in order to achieve the Russian objectives of demilitarising and denazifying it.

Plan C was not what the Russians wanted, but the West has forced it onto Russia through its constant military escalations and attacks from western Ukraine. However, even Plan C may not be enough. There is Plan D, which means resisting the next NATO escalation. This will be implemented if the US-controlled NATO offensive alliance makes this purely local conflict into a new World War, spreading its aggression to Asia, Africa and even perhaps to Latin America, as far as possible using its proxies and puppets as cannon fodder.

The NATO Escalations

Apart from its illegal economic sanctions and illegal confiscations of Russian assets, after February 2022 the West first tried to spread its aggression to the Russian Kaliningrad enclave by illegally cutting it off via Lithuania. This failed. Then it threatened to renew war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Then the Western puppet governments in the Baltic States intimidated the local Russian populations, for example, making it illegal to remember their war dead. So far Russia has been very cautious not to attack any of these NATO countries, though Western bases in Eastern Europe, such as Rzeszow Airport in Poland or the US bases in Romania and at Rammstein in Germany must be very inviting targets. However, the West then went international. It menaced Russia’s Chinese ally by taking NATO to Asia, trying to form an ‘Indo-Pacific Alliance’ on top of its absurd AUKUS, which nuclear-free New Zealand has rejected, and threatening Chinese Taiwan. Then the West threatened and intimidated other Russian allies, in Brazil and South Africa, and tried flattery with its Indian ally. And the US continues to wage war against Russia’s Syrian ally, stealing its oil.

Faced by failure here, the West returned to Europe, threatening Belarus and Russia with invasion from Poland, the Baltics, Moldova or Romania. Now the West is threatening Russia’s allies in Africa, specifically in West Africa. Plan D is not what might be called Plan Z, the nuclear option, the ultimate Armageddon nightmare scenario. True, time and again over the last eighteen months, extremist voices in NATO have threatened to use nuclear weapons against Russia, which would mean the destruction of the Western world, as well as of many other countries. Those voices have only been silenced by Russian voices which have replied that, if attacked, they would use their nuclear weapons. These would be delivered by hypersonic missiles and so the Russia might be able to protect itself from Western strikes using this technology, which the West does not have. No, we are talking about Plan D.


Plan D starts in Africa. Cheered by Russian courage in standing up to the West in Syria and now in the Ukraine, voices here have been raised, crying: ‘Long live Putin’ and ‘Thank God for Russia’ and anti-French slogans: ‘Down with the French’, ‘Down with France and its Allies’, ‘France Go Home’ and ‘We will Not Be Another Libya’. For the colonial power is hated there, as in all of France’s ex-, and not so ex-, colonies, where France’s spies have over the last sixty years assassinated so many patriotic African leaders and installed puppet regimes instead. In neighbouring gold-rich Mali, French is now no longer the official language. In neighbouring gold-rich Burkina Faso and Chad they feel the same way as Niger about the former colonial power. And voices in Guinea and Senegal have also been raised in support of Niger.

As President Erdogan has said, Africa as a whole, not just the Sahel, is fed up with the ruthless Western exploitation of its huge natural resources and mineral wealth. Africa is fed up with the West’s economic enslavement of Africans and the patronising bullying, whether by France, the UK or the US. France with its ‘Notre Afrique’, ‘Our Africa’, is worried. Not least because Niger is a big source of uranium (and also has some gold). About a third of largely nuclear-powered France is heated with power from Niger uranium. Will France begin to pay a market price for it? Niger wants to know. Could the French Economic Empire, which still exsits, organise a war here too, using its Foreign Legion or the forces of West African puppet governments in ECOWAS (the Community of West African States) to invade newly-independent Niger? Or could US-backed France use illegal sanctions to cut supply routes or the pipeline to Niger and so create a global extension of the Western war in the Ukraine? After all, the Western speciality is ‘Globalisation’.

Old Injustices in Africa

There is fear of a full-scale Western proxy war in West Africa. The US and France together could hide behind Western-armed African forces, perhaps from Nigeria, and organise an invasion of Niger. The excuse would be to put back Niger’s deposed corrupt puppet President under the pretext of ‘restoring democracy’! (Any attempt to put back the corrupt, but democratically-elected Yanukovich in Kiev in 2014 would have been met with vigorous Western opposition – he was not their puppet). Mainly, however, both France has a base with 1,500 troops and the USA has its drone-base and Africa Command headquarters with 1,000 troops in Niger, from which they risk being totally expelled. Hence Victoria Nuland’s ‘visit’.

Interestingly, many of the borders in former (and not so former) French West Africa (not just uranium-rich Niger) are strangely straight lines. Now that is because they were drawn on maps by Parisian bureaucrats who took no account of the different peoples (in Western racist parlance, ‘tribes’) of Africa. Just imagine if the fiercely fought over borders of France with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Andorra were straight lines. They are not. For good reasons – the ‘tribes’ of Europe are very different and speak different languages. Just because the European tribes are white-skinned and often have rather straight, fair or brown hair and eyes, with small noses and thin lips, it means nothing. Africa is also composed of many different nations, who speak many different languages. And the Italian Prime Minister supports the Africans against the French colonials.

Nazism in Africa

Let us recall that the Western European States honed their Nazism in Africa, as also in Latin America and Asia. Nazism is only the firm belief in Western racial superiority and its ‘God-given’ right, or ‘manifest destiny’, to slaughter inferior races and steal their lands and resources. What were the massacres carried out by the Spanish and Portuguese in Latin America and by the British in North America and Australia, if not Nazism? What were the massacres carried out by the British in India (the so-called ‘Indian Mutiny’) and China (the so-called ‘Opium Wars’), if not Nazism? What was the massacre carried out by the Belgians in the Congo (up to ten million dead, not including the atrociously mutilated), if not Nazism? Little wonder that the First World War began in Belgium and laid waste to so much of it. What goes round, comes round.

What were the massacres carried out by pre-First World War Germans in South-West Africa and East Africa, if not Nazism? The only mistake of the Nazi Germans was to massacre over five million white-skinned Jews in Europe. The fact that they massacred 30 million Slavs in Europe (the ‘redskins’ of Europe for Hitler) does not count for the Zionist-financed West. Only massacring Jews was a no-no, the ultimate taboo. If the Nazi Germans had massacred Asians or Africans, it would not have mattered. After all, the British allowed some five million Bengalis to die of starvation in Bengal in 1943 and that was fine. No, it is all Nazism, what began with the ‘Crusades’ in the eleventh century is the defining marker of Western ‘Civilisation’ and that is now destroying it. What goes round, comes round.

Plan D

Plan D starts in Africa and in Russia Plan D is ready. The Russian Federation has had nine years to prepare for the ultimate Western aggression of a World War and to develop Plan D to resist it. Russia did not and does not want it, but it has foreseen the aggressive ways of the West and its capacity for organised violence. Plan D means Russia taking on the West worldwide. As the President of Eritrea has put it so eloquently: ‘The NATO war against Russia is an attempt to dominate the whole world’. Russia has already been involved in Syria, at the request of the Syrian government. It has already taken part in military exercises with China. And as it already sent Wagner troops to free West Africa, and will send them again, if necessary.

Plan D, always a possible scenario given Western threats of violence, meant Russia rearming and reforming its Navy, Air Force and Army, endowing them with arms as good as or better than Western arms. And that is what Russia did. If the West wants a World War, it can have it. It will be taking on what is according to the World Bank, Europe’s largest economy, the Russian. For the latter has at last overtaken Germany’s (had it not been for the British-orchestrated 1917, Russia would have overtaken it 100 years ago) and is now on its way to overtaking Japan, to become the world’s fourth largest economy. The West would be crazy to force Plan D on Russia. It would be its third and ultimate act of suicide. For together with Russia, 87.5% of the world is ready to take on the now isolated and discredited West.


Old Russia used to protect us Christians from the tyranny of the Ottoman Empire. This was unlike the French and British governments which between 1853 and 1856 allied themselves with the Ottomans, invaded Russia and later refused to intervene when the Ottomans began massacring Bulgarian Christians. In the First World War it was the Germans who were allied with the Ottomans and supported their genocide of Armenian and Greek Christians.

French, British, Germans – all the same, all anti-Christian. In 1917 it was the ‘allied’ British elite which overthrew the Christian government of Old Russia, calling its people’s monarchy ‘autocratic’, though it was only the West that was autocratic in the Western sense of the word. In Old Russia the Tsar used to protect us Christians from the tyranny of the Ottoman Empire. Who will protect us now from the tyranny of the Anti-Christian American Empire?

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4 months ago

From my perspective separation of church and state as in China is the only way forward for humanity. Not suppressing any human’s right to worship but denying any religions’ right to oppress the “other” or to influence the state. Christianity is hardly innocent ie the crusades for just one example.… Read more »

4 months ago

Is there a Plan E — Peru?