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The End of (Western Triumphalist) History

With thanks to Batiushka, the writer

Part One: The Non-Russian World

Introduction: Providing an Alternative

The technological and ideological transformations of the last thirty years have turned the Russian Federation back into the world’s breadbasket and more or less its main source of fertilisers, gas, oil, many metals and energy. Moreover, the current Special Military Operation to liberate the Russian east and south of the Ukraine (about one third of the whole of the Soviet Ukraine) have shattered the myths of Western military supremacy and financial invincibility. Thanks to the power of revolutionary Russian arms and industry and the brilliance of Russian (and Chinese) economic diplomacy, the West’s lost industrial capability, the weakness of Western sanctions and its economies shattered by its own sanctions, have all been exposed. To crown it all, there has come the start of dedollarisation and the flight of puppets in oil-rich West Asia from Western imperialist control. Peace has broken out in the Persian Gulf between Iran and Saudi Arabia, proof that peaceful co-existence is possible.

World-leading Russian diplomats have assured Russian leadership of the planetary quest for freedom from Western tyranny. ‘The Rest’ (of the world) had long been waiting for a country with the courage to stand up to the Western oligarchate, which controls both US mythical ‘democracy’ and the other vassal-leaders of the Western world. The US bully oligarch class, which we have experienced so well and so recently here, is the direct descendant of predatory Western bullies who have had their way for 500 years and more. The Russian Federation’s politicians have provided the courage to stand up to them and that is backed by the Rest, led by groups of countries like BRICS, the EEU and the SCO. The ‘end of history’ after the fall of the USSR, as predicted by mercenary Western triumphalists, generously funded by the oligarchs who run the Western world, was in one sense true. Only the end of history they predicted is in fact the end of the history of their own Western triumphalism.

The Future of the Sovereign Alliance

On 1 June BRICS foreign ministers will meet in Cape Town and Sergei Lavrov will be at this meeting. Official and informal requests about joining BRICS come in almost every week. 13 countries have submitted relevant applications to join BRICS, but 25 countries from all continents are definitely interested. These are: Algeria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Nigeria, Nicaragua, UAE, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Tunisia, Türkiye, Uruguay. Informally, another 50 countries have also been mentioned as possibly interested. We could see countries like (an EU-free) Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria and also Moldova and Serbia joining it. After all, the rapidly expanding GDP of BRICS overtook the rapidly declining GDP of the G7 group back in 2020 and the economies of Russia, India and China have all grown phenomenally since 2000, making them the first, third and fifth biggest economies in the world, according to the CIA’s World Factbook.

Meanwhile, the Second Russia-Africa Summit, planned for the end of July in Saint Petersburg, promises a massive increase in multipolarity. At least five other Russia-hosted conferences involving Africa are planned in 2023. August will also bring the 15th BRICS Summit in South Africa, with the new applicants. How many new countries will join BRICS? What will its new name be? After all, the name BRICS will not cover the numbers joining. Will it be called, for example, ‘The Sovereign Alliance’? Surely some such new name will have to be found. Will the new world reserve currency be unveiled? China, India and Africa together have over five billion of the world’s population. Add the populations of Russia and of the other seventy-five interested countries and today the West looks like what it is – puny.

The Future of the Western World

The fact is that the world’s largest continent is Afro-Eurasia with 57% of the planet’s land and 86% of its population. EU and UK Europe has barely 5% of the planet’s land and not much more of its population. Isolationism for the West is not a viable future. It is fully dependent on the majority, which it contemptuously calls ‘the Rest’. The West makes little, Chinese ships daily bring it all the manufactures and consumer goods it needs. The main ‘industry’ of the West is finance, services and Stock Market speculation. It is the froth on the ocean waves, not the waves themselves. It is incapable of living without co-operation. For the last 500 years that has meant not co-operation, but exploitation, the asset-stripping of the Rest. That period is over. Multipolarity has been born.

For fifty years we have said that the future of the West is to return to its roots, to rebecome itself, dropping its pretentious claims to tyrannical world control that it camouflages under the word ‘globalism’. The West had a history before its story of organised violence, that was first clearly manifested in the 11th century Crusades. That was a history of humility, when it rejected the organised violence of the blood-soaked pagan Roman Empire of 2,000 years ago. Celtic peoples and Germanic peoples, Dacians and Goths, they all had civilisations superior to pagan Rome, which spent its time stealing and exploiting the gold and mineral resources of others whom it called ‘barbarians’ (Does this sound familiar? See Note at end) and creating Christian martyrs, torn apart by wild animals and slaughtered by gladiators for the entertainment of its bloodthirsty mobs. If the Western peoples can reject their oligarchic elites and retrieve their ancient roots from before arrogance began a millennium ago, then the West still has a future.

Part Two: The Russian World

The Four Past Ages of the Russian World

The Russian world has experienced various periods. Once besieged and crushed between East and West, until the seventeenth century it existed in Old Ritualist national isolation. Then, in the second half of that century it began to emerge and entered its second or Saint Petersburg age, an imitation of Western absolutism and elitist aristocratic values, an age rightly called ‘the Romano-Germanic Yoke’. When in February 1917 these selfish aristocrats and elitists treacherously overthrew the legitimate Tsar, with full backing from the West, and destroyed Russia with their ‘liberalism’ and ‘democracy’. As a result, Russia entered its third age, that of Western Materialism, known as Marxist-Leninism, which was dominated by messianic atheist Jews and other Non-Russians, who imposed themselves on the masses through systematic terror, in which millions died. As Lenin said: ‘Let 90% of the Russian people die, as long as 10% live until the world revolution’. («Пусть 90% русского народа погибнут, лишь бы 10% дожили до мировой революции»).

Fortunately, the foreigner Lenin died before he was able to carry out his threat and his fanatical followers like Trotsky were removed before they could continue. Russia came out from beneath the yoke of the German Jew Marx exhausted and unable to defend itself against more Western Treachery. It entered its fourth age. This was the age of the post-Soviet 1990s, the age of the Western oligarchs and plunderers. The traitors, Gorbachov, Yeltsin and Co, sold Russia off, they ‘privatised’ the people’s assets, they allowed it to be surrounded by US/NATO bases and its south-western borderlands to be made into a diabolical US base of armed fortifications and anti-Slav biolabs, an Anti-Russia, as President Putin so accurately called it. For well over thirty years, a battle for Russia went on between patriots and corrupt thieves, until 24 February 2022. Then a new, fifth, period began in Russian history, with the liberation movement in the Ukraine and the exile of the obvious Russian traitors, though there are still many corrupt traitors, ‘businessmen’ who conceal their real identity and are still there with their American-style idolatry of money and buy and sell dead souls.

Russian Nationalism or Russian Internationalism

This fifth age, that of Russian nationalism, which began on 24 February 2022 but which dawned in the Year 2000, has been expressed by the phrase ‘the Russian world’. This is firmly opposed to the anti-humanism of the New World Order, which is being imposed by the depraved LGBT Western elite. However, narrow nationalism and isolationism, to which nostalgia for Stalin and Eurasianism both belong, are not the future. They only lead to the Stalinism of the recent past, or else to the neo-paganism of the ancient past. Orthodoxy, which is the highest nature of Russia, cannot be restrained by such inherently anti-Christian and nationalist tendencies. If Moscow is the Third Rome, then Russia’s future is multinational, multilingual, it is imperial and not narrowly national. That is why the phrase ‘the Russian world’ is inadequate and only of passing value. A new multinational and decentralised Russia belongs to what brilliant Russian diplomats under Sergei Lavrov have correctly termed the ‘multipolar world’, of which, despite narrow nationalists, Russia is the ideological and military leader.

The ‘Russian world’ nationalist reaction to the anti-national and anti-Russian Soviet period was perfectly natural. Russia had to lick its wounds. But such isolationist nationalism is not for the long-term. It was Western nationalism that brought down the First Rome, and Greek nationalism that brought down the Second Rome. Now Russia has to choose multinational decentralisation rather than to hold on to Soviet-style nationalist centralism. For example, the Russian Church is now at last operating freely in Africa. If it can do the necessary missionary work and prepare black African bishops, backed by support from the network of Russian embassies in Africa, it can found the long overdue African Orthodox Church, for which Africans have been waiting since the 1950s. National centralisation is not the future, but the past, that is the Saint Petersburg and the Soviet way, not the Russian way.

6. Conclusion: Awaiting Restoration and the Tsar

Like the rest of the multipolar world, 87.5% of humanity, Russia is moving away from Western ways, those of the Saint Petersburg and the Soviet ages. What does the world seek now? Justice and prosperity. Capitalism has failed to provide either. The Russian emblem is not an inward-looking symbol, but the outward-looking double-headed eagle, uniting both East and West. This is Russia’s vocation. The USA can do nothing, it is only an island, cut off from reality by two oceans. Russia’s task is to lead the world, but not as an imperialist power, like the USA in the 20th century and Britain in the 19th century. Those centuries are over. Both betrayed Russia and its multinational vocation. Under President Putin, who is the forerunner who prepares the way, Russia is cautiously making its way to realising its vocation, to leading the world to justice and prosperity.

Here Russia is being supported by allies, especially China, but also by India, Africa, the Muslim world and Latin America, countries which know all about the injustice and poverty of colonialist Western Capitalism and have rejected it. Like a hen, standing at the North of the world, Russia mothers and helps East, West and South. We await the restoration of the real Russia to finish the work, which he who found the way (‘Putin’ means ‘the way’) has so patiently begun. This is the way that was lost by the traitors of both the Saint Petersburg and the Marxist periods. Still today the contemporary Russian Federation is infiltrated by some traitors, but we can overcome them through and after this conflict in the south-western borderlands of Rus, called ‘the Ukraine’. This conflict was allowed for the cleansing of Russian institutions. Those oligarch-supporters who put personal profit first have no future. But those who put patriotism and loyalty to the multinational calling of Russia first do have a future.

1 June 2023


Might is right and military power is the only international law. The …… had no problem demolishing whatever stood in their way.

Those who opposed ……. domination, and who tried to defend the traditional values of their own people, faced a double enemy: the one without and the one within.

Robber, slaughter and plunder they misname ‘Empire’; they make a wilderness and call it peace.

They were offered …. citizenship, so long as they had enough money and an urban residence.

The unsuspecting Non- ….. spoke of these new habits as civilisation, when in fact they were only a feature of enslavement.

In this way, the 10% of ….. who lived in the cities exploited the 90% who lived outside.

The name of …… citizens, at one time not only greatly valued but dearly bought, is now repudiated and fled from, and it is almost considered not only base but even deserving of abhorrence.

When it came to institutionalised cruelty on an industrial scale, the ……. could teach the others a thing or two.

He makes it quite clear that ………’s objective was the enslavement of the world.

The ideology of that Empire was an ideology of power and world dominance.

….. established its Empire by destroying other civilisations.

……. lived behind frontiers, and what lay beyond was dangerous. That applied as much to their mental world as to their geography.

The Empire was, by this time, an economic basket-case. The machine had to keep feeding itself with plunder.

It’s surprsing his name is not better known in the West. But then, in the West it is only the ….. version of events that counts, and that does not include successful enemies.

….. needed to build an ideology that encouraged people to see their rulers not just as overlords, but as the defenders of civilised values, and they knew a thing or two about propaganda.

…… emphasised its transcendent magisterial authority, its right to judge the living and the dead and to determine people’s fate for all eternity.

(Answer: These are quotations from an account of the history of the Roman Empire some 2,000 years ago. Do they sound familiar?)


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6 months ago

Thank you Batiushka for another excellent article. The Universe has given Mr Putin a name with a very apt poetic and prophetic meaning.

Colin Maxwell
6 months ago

Thank you Batiushka for a beautifully written account of the history of progress to date, and an acknowledgement of a lot more to come in the very near future.

the Col