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Lineaments of Multipolar World Rising: Africa and Russia harmonize (Part 5)


Please read in order: Part 1 ; Part 2 ; Part 3 ; Part 4


Swift as the wind.
Quiet as the forest.
Conquer like the fire.
Steady as the mountain.

— Sun Tzu

Forum on China–Africa Cooperation, 2018

The promising portends of 2022 gave way to an exhilarating and quickfire start to 2023. Along with the Global Security Initiative (GSI) concept paper, China released a comprehensive broadside affirming all Russia had said in the last years concerning international peace, lack of security, who’s at fault, and the steps forward. China took the diplomatic initiative in a stunning way. Even before the implications set in for our rising multipolar bloc, consider the stark contrasts China draws for Africa and the entire Global South! The fruits thereof shall be revolutionary. Table 02 provides a summary:

China Paper: “U.S. Hegemony and Its Perils”

In reviewing the challenges for Africa in the prior chapter of “Soaring,” it becomes abundantly clear these are universal tasks for all of mankind. The same antagonist uses the same tools against all, including within the West against patriots. The same effective resistance demonstrated in various African nations can be expected to yield similar results, particularly under the politico-diplomatic guidance and kinetic support of the two civilizational states of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China. And the combined West knows it. This informs their undying hatred and the incessant mantra since the SMO, that “Russio Delenda Est” as a precursor to assaulting China, painfully delayed for them by being bogged in the Ukrainian killing fields.

Main Cathedral of Russian Armed Forces, Kubinka, Moscow Oblast

A) A shift in the wind. The coalescence of regional and pan-regional international organizations accelerated at the end of the first Cold War. Different impulses were at play. For the Hegemon, these blocs were insidiously efforts to rope in its diktat and to continue exploitation via contrived consensus. For the Rest of the Humanity (RoH), they were escape mechanisms, efforts to seek heft and safety in numbers. Since the Russian Special Military Operation (SMO), open moves were made by the latter camp to expose and to change the unacceptable hegemonic status-quo.

Transnational corporations (TNCs) were at the heart of the western globalization drive. They helped open borders and regions to west standardized trade norms and flows, often deleterious to sovereign oversight, control, and outcomes. Powerful, effective, and ruthless in their aims, and nominally non-political, they were trojan horses of western oligarchic geopolitics. TNCs were deployed along with other western soft-power modalities such as non-governmentals, mass media, social media, and Hollywood. A sleek neocolonial model wrapped itself octopus-like around the world. The sum functioned as the tsunami of change, leaving most Global South nations as helpless as light rafts in the churning rapids, carried briskly to where they knew not.

Much of the sovereignty drive of multipolarity currently involves redressing these enforced TNC inequalities rammed through the Unipolar moment. Institutions such as the UN, WTO, IMF, and the WB were unable to hold TNCs accountable; themselves shaped by globalists, they were overcome through endemic corruption, incestuous conflicts of interest, and open sabotage. The hope is for the African Union (AU), NAM and other organizations to follow in the steps of the BRICS, or to join it, as these organizations are reshaped to multipolar need. Going forward, key metrics of success to follow will be superseding TNCs’ hitherto rampant corporate rights vis-à-vis their host socio-cultural, legal, political and environmental obligations.

Transnational Corporatism

As leader of world multipolarity, Russia in the person of Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev indicated the excessive and harmful privilege of TNCs will be a target.

“It is obvious that the real power in the West is in the hands of resource-rich clans and multinational corporations… The main share of multinational companies is accounted for by corporations with headquarters in the United States. Their revenues brought in about $ 16 trillion with a net profit of $ 1.8 trillion…

The capital of a number of multinational companies exceeds the GDP of most of the world’s economies, and the funds created by them for further enrichment claim to be a supranational mechanism for managing humanity. The same Soros Foundation has become almost the main world center for planning and implementing “color revolutions”…

In fact, the American state is just a shell for a conglomerate of huge corporations that rule the country and try to rule the world. For TNCs, even US presidents are just extras who can shut their mouths like Trump…

The US government, which has grown together with big business, serves the interests of multinational corporations, including the military-industrial complex…

In the face of dramatic changes in the world, the goal of corporations is to preserve the system of global exploitation…

Multinational corporations are unnerved by Russia’s ideological and ideological divergence from countries under the control of Western capital. Corporations are aimed at enriching and developing the consumer society. Russia defends a reasonable balance of spiritual and moral values and socio-economic development. In this regard, Westerners seek to weaken our country, dismember it, and destroy the Russian language and the Russian world. They have long worked out the technology of undermining their rivals from within and splitting them into small states.” 

Western TNCs and Russia rejected each other. Despite these clear words from the extremely powerful Secretary of the Russian Security Council, TNCs with significant state tools at their disposal remain hellbent on dismembering and destroying Russia – and deem themselves and their shell-like existence to be immune to discovery and to retaliation. The ineluctable logic leads to anticipation the fight will be brought to them if only out of sheer self-preservation. Former Titans of Industry who calmy and unhurriedly pulled fascist strings from behind oceans away in the last world wars will not enjoy such tranquil scope of action this time around.

BRICS’ rising share in world economy

B) Russia takes center stage. Beautiful clarity, and the prominence of Mother, entered our world with the SMO. The major thrust of western attack which Russia most feared, leading to delay of the SMO for eight long bitter years in the face of slow-motion genocide in the Donbass, was in the economic-financial direction. In 1945, Washington by itself controlled over one half the world economy – being the only standing developed Power in the rubble of World War II. At the 1991 Soviet collapse, the G7 still held a commanding 45% of world GDP (PPP). However, since then, the financialized G7 has been steadily declining to the current 30%. The BRICS overtook the G7 in 2016. (Chart 08: BRICS’ rising share in world economy) The trend will accelerate as real economies intent on productive development exist exclusively in the BRICS, Africa, and the Global South.

On February 24, 2022, US dollar share of global foreign exchange reserves hovered around 60%, with total G7 share approximately 90%. SWIFT cross-border payments controlled almost all international transactions, with again nearly 90% in G-7 currencies. And it was controlled from Europe under direct US supervision. There was no escape from western diktat under the current system of global payments, financial and currency communications. All existing nodes and networks were controlled by the adversary. Even most Greek and non-Greek shippers of Russian crude, their British insurers such as Lloyds, the major ports worldwide accepting tanker docking – were all controlled directly or indirectly by the West! Besotted and sadistic European technocrats lustily howled in triumph as they unleashed their “Sanctions from Hell.

1) Economic survival and rebound. To the continuing amazement of both sides, the financial and macro-economic situation, and inflation, were stabilized within a few months. Calculations had not factored in the internal role of the Russian ruble, the real Russian economy, and most importantly Russia’s central role in global commodities chains. Since the 2014 Kiev Maidan, Russia had incrementally insulated its internal environment for the anticipated Day of Disconnection, building up the System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS) for internal bank-to-bank transfers. This replacement of SWIFT within Russia, and near-exclusive internal working of the domestic ruble currency within Russia for daily activities, shielded both the Russian government and overwhelming majority of Russians who used solely rubles.

The sudden loss of both SWIFT and western currencies affected a minority of oligarchs, high-net individuals, and entities connected to western markets. The ruble had been secured within Russia itself. International connectivity was additionally assured through steadfast old and new allies in the Global South, helping Russia work around SWIFT disconnection. A tremendous surge of goodwill and soft power for Russia became evident early on. They obstinately disregarded western narratives. Indians, Africans, Latin Americanos, Arabs, Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Slavs with sense, even legions of private Chinese citizens rocking ‘Zs’ on their cars and buying out Russian store goods in support, were rapt on the drama in the Ukraine. They quickly and vociferously chose their horse. These factors permitted Russia significant leeway and bounding self-confidence to act on the global stage. The last Russian umbilical ties to the West were severed by the West itself to the lasting good fortune of both patriotic Russians and the Global South!

Events have so leaped upwards and upwards in positive cascade that Finance Minister Siluanov was able to assert everything is going according to plan in 2023. The scorecard was positive across the board. The Russian economy — unlike any Western economy — had returned to growth by July 2022 according to President Putin. It ever accelerated as internal confidence and demand also returned. The economy was stable, inflation falling and a fraction in the West, and industrial output booming. Foreign exchange and reserves were accumulated exceeding by multiples the $30 Billion or so looted by the West in the Spring of 2022.

Import substitution took place across-the-board or was compensated by quickly responsive internal production. Chinese automakers quickly replaced Renault, Ford, Volkswagen, and Toyota among other western brands, never to regain this lost market.

“They took a 17% share of Russia’s car market… According to the Russian analytical agency Autostat, the four best-selling vehicles last year were Chinese-made.” 

The manufacturing plants transitioned nearly overnight, such as McDonalds branches which merely changed signage while retaining the workers, workload, and clientele – and even expanding. Hopefully the menu will be more nutritious too! China exported to Russia all its additional semiconductor needs lost to western sanctions. Autarchic Russia is abundant in the precursors critical to the semiconductor industry, for example along with the Ukraine having accounted for 90% of noble gas sourcing. Ukraine supplied about 70% of the world’s neon gas, including 90% of the highly purified, semiconductor-grade neon for chip production used by U.S. industry.” Most of it had been produced in the Azovstal, Mariupol and Odessa steel factories; both are now gone – the former leveled during battle and the latter city lucky to receive two hours of electricity a day at the time of writing in mid-March 2023.

Much of the remainder of global noble gas production is in China! As a West in retreat decouples from the global economy and works to exclude China from its semiconductor supply chain, it is anticipated China will pool with Russia to help it establish a domestic chip industry and turbocharge its own.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square of Moscow

2) “… to the rising of the Sun & the Spring of the South!” A procession of key Russian leaders declared the fundamental turning away of their civilization from a decaying West consumed with fading Hegemony. On February 21, 2022, mere hours prior to the start of the SMO, Russian President Putin condemned the pro-western vassalage of Ukrainian oligarchs and rulers. This had led to, “…poverty, lack of opportunity, and lost industrial and technological potential – [as] the pro-Western civilisational choice they have been using for many years to fool millions of people with promises of heavenly pastures.” Being a western ally or dependency had come to mean the unacceptable criminal exploitation of the 99% to the benefit of the western suzerain and a very narrow class of local compradore elites.

A calm Sergei Lavrov similarly emphasized to the Global East and South that Moscow’s turn from the west was not tempestuous or transient — they were in the long haul with the other old civilizations. “Moscow has other markets to which it can offer its products… we will be oriented to reliable partners, credible partners – India, China are certainly among them.” Russia’s prodigious energy, ample breadbaskets, minerals and commodities, and privileged relations would be directed toward friends in multipolarity. Russia was no longer at the psychological mercy of the globalist elite. It would henceforth determine its own needs for development.

These dignified and universally agreeable principles stood in marked contrast to the reflexive racism of Borrell, who “openly spoke about Europe being a garden surrounded by a jungle that threatens it.” Outraged Africans took note of slipping western masks. The Ogres of ancient nightmare reappeared – if they had ever been absent!

2019 Russia – Africa Summit

3) Solutions from Bulgakov: never ask for anything, they will come to you themselves and offer everything.” Medvedev served as the reliable bellwether of rapidly transforming Russian zeitgeist at each stage of the unfolding SMO. He recently said, “Russia is ready to help the world do away with the vestiges of a Western-dominated colonial past.”

“…“the “malignant tumor of a colonial past” is a problem that calls for “international surgery…” the decisions to show French troops the door last year by two of France’s former colonies in Africa, the Central African Republic and Mali, fit this pattern…

Among the solutions to the profound challenges from the modern combined west, will be the opening of new markets, sources of foodstuffs and energy, ideas of polity, modes of harmonious social relations, and the weaponry and training to maintain security and internal stability – these underlie deepening Afro-Russian relations. Russians such as Karaganov refer to this as “the civilizational approach” – helping the world majority regain freedom, dignity, and stymied potential. A contagious counter-messianic mission was unleashed by Russia onto the global commons.

Current Afro-Russian relationships are not forged around limited ideology as in the heyday of the Soviet Union, but in practical consideration for both sides. African concessions in rich metals and minerals mines, energy, arms sales, Russian PMCs training national armed forces, and in infrastructure development help incentivize Moscow and strengthen relations. Russian priorities are to Russia-friendly governments, especially those maintaining economic, educational, and political connections in the post-Soviet period. Many of the intercultural habits and networks of many generations had not withered; the rising anti-imperialism in the face of the rampaging Hegemon formed an additional bond. There was profound strength in number in weathering together the current storm.

4) Russia leads the pack. Russia lead the way in demonstrating ways of obtaining freedom from strong or insidious undue western influence: dedollarization and alternatives to SWIFT such as SPFS and new mechanisms being cooked up by busy professionals at the Eurasian Economic Union; blocking hostile subversive media and obtaining informational sovereignty; removing corrosive western NGOs working as appendage of internal subversion; limiting TNCs scope and ability to vacuum-extract national wealth and profit – such as through recent actions of capital controls, levying windfall taxes, limiting percentages of dividends, or ability to repatriate excessive wealth, as well as public control and utility of strategic industries and public services.

Russia made the strategic decision to stop providing free critical economic data, or cooperating with coopted OSCE, among other measures to limit revealing their own hand to expected sabotage. The lack of scruple and proven ability of the West to use these and any other transparent mechanism against the Host nation, often as a coordinated gang bent on pillage, is generations long. Opaque vital state secrets are needed in the near-term until the West is unable to take advantage with the usual malice.

All members of the Rest of Humanity note these maneuvers. If the most militarily powerful and autarchic civilization feels the necessity of these self-protective mechanisms to unwind the centuries-long parasitism and thorough infiltration of the combined west, where are they?? The Rest will follow.

Savannah of Maasai Mara, Kenya

C) Africa attains escape velocity. What saved Africa to date? For over 400 years, the West did their best to empty the land, as with Native Americans of “the New World.” Persistent efforts were made to capture stupendous resources for themselves. Wholesale machine-gunning, starving, burning of settlements and depriving of means of sustenance, forcing limitless long wars, seeding infertility in mandatory vaccines, and imposing deranged viceroys and more recently compradore elites helping vacuum-extract unimaginable wealth in return for position, baubles or blondes in Europe and North America. Nothing worked; folks persisted in the face of unending privation and shenanigan. Their environment was laid waste, the land, food, water, air, and medicines poisoned; they continue to survive and have the highest birth rates on earth.

What appears to have saved Africa were the periodic distraction and catastrophic bloodletting of Eurasian world wars and the sheer African scale of geography – making many parts hard to reach. African geography created many incompatible cultures, exacerbated by artificially imposed political borders, which maintained barriers against assault. Their sheer cultural diversity forbade a single domineering template. As in China, the differing physique and color permitted rapid protective group identification against the different outsider, if bent on aggression. Strong collectivism similarly exposed the disloyal compradore individual lurking within the group.

Festering Fruits of Berlin, 1885

The arrogant 1885 Berlin Conference, whose mischievous borders stand to this day, conferred unintended blessings – the template of division of a foregone more honest imperial era now stood in the way of the Hyperpower organizing and shepherding 55 countries off the desired cliff! The sheer squabbling political scale of Africa overwhelmed and helped protect it from unprincipled aggressors.

Up to the 1870s, it was mostly the accessible coastal areas facing colonization on the forbidding continent. With the unification of Germany and Italy, a raging race developed amongst Europeans to divide and rule. Late comers were envious of the British, French and Portuguese. Industrial colonization set in, with most land surface claimed and occupied by the end of the 19th Century. No African countries were represented in Berlin. It was the era of Kipling. The incalculable enduring harm of the Berlin Conference can be seen in the number of partitioned ethnicities. (Map 11: Partitioned Ethnicities) Yet even those partitions prevented each newly created colony from being fully subjugated! Fellow tribesmen next door succored their own in unanticipated ways, much like Pashtun across the Durand Line or Russians across the Donbass border for millennia.

Partitioned Ethnicities

Africa, with one in eight members of the human family, was being mentored by the Russian and Chinese civilizations to overcome the remorseless and relentless Rumsfeld-Cebrowski Doctrine. The gratitude and sheer joy expressed in the countenance of African dignitaries and populations as they meet President Putin, his Foreign Minister Lavrov or Wagner members speaks for itself. They know the score and daily bless the peacemakers who came with iron rods to uproot suffocating evil. The position Russians have established in the aware Global South, of not merely speaking Truth to Power, but burning its very hands and blocking its predation, will be transmitted down the generations for centuries to come. We still remember Saladin and his cohort who ousted the cruel Crusaders nearly a millennium ago! So it will be for Russians far into the horizon. Pepe Escobar, a gentle scribe who visiting Moscow declared it to be the capital of Multipolarity in the 21st Century, understates the honor Russia already earned worldwide.

Scant Intra-African Trade

1) Boosting intra-regional trade. Key tasks confronting Africans in the development of self-sufficiency are in the internal direction, sorely under-utilized. Like Russian, Chinese and most Global South countries furiously at such work, they strive to protect themselves from western assault and satisfy fundamental needs of their peoples through breaking dependency on long, fragile, and interdictable oceanic supply chains. This means mutually beneficial intra-regional trade, economic relations and supporting regional conflict resolution. Exquisite Uganda has shone equal to its natural beauty in the last years, from breaking western diplomatic siege on Lavrov and Russians through word and hospitality, keeping principled UN General Assembly voting record on the Ukraine, fostering intra-regional trade throughout Africa by example, and preparing to take the presidency of the African Union this December. Increased trade in the setting of peace will in turn end poverty, hunger, west-dependency and deprive a significant resource-base used by the West to predate and war on the Rest of Humanity (RoH).

Once freed of Hegemony, the only limitation in Africa’s potential economic development is self-imposed. The negligible intra-regional trade sees Africa the developing region with the least imports and exports, averaging only 10% of all trade. (Map 10: Scant Intra-African Trade) This is increasingly recognized, with regional blocs, the AU, and African elites working to strengthen mutual economic ties. As mentioned in the “Scale” section, much is a factor of geography, with former trade easier to the outside world rather than deep inside amongst Africans having to traverse forbidding natural and political impediments.

There was persistent external neocolonial privileging of the former colonials too – i.e., “Anglophones” to the Anglo-American consortium and “Francophones” to the French and so on to various western states. The logistics, developed infrastructure, and mindsets remained strongly oriented towards commodity trade with former colonial administering countries.

“The early railways were constructed partly to facilitate the administration of interior regions and to bring supplies from ports to central consumption or distribution points and partly—especially in the south—to enable valuable minerals or commodities to reach the coast for export. In Africa, as in Europe and North America, the major period of railway development extended from the end of the 19th century to the end of World War I. This expansion, however, was not coordinated: railways with different gauges of track were built and were operated with rolling stock of different braking and coupling systems. Thus, the colonizing powers left a difficult and costly legacy for independent African countries who wished to link themselves together. As with roads, rail networks have been improved considerably since the 1960s and, as a result, there has been a lowering of transport costs.”

As intra-regional infrastructure is built and standardized to the needs of connectivity, and dated exclusive umbilical cords to the West are cut, most of these handicaps will evaporate. There’s a huge upside to intra-regional trade, a virtuous cycle which will also increase African trade to Russia, China, ASEAN, Latin America, and West Asia.

This is where cooperation with Russia comes to the fore, far from limited to the security and politico-diplomatic fields. Russia, in addition to China, enhances the infrastructure networks essential to local connectivity. Both additionally help to establish intra-regional trade networks, bonds, and friendships essential to breaking centuries of western-enforced borders, insulation, and mutual suspicion between specific European-aligned antagonistic blocs.

“…mutually beneficial common projects include the supply of Russian equipment for metallurgical and mining companies as well as the development of a transport and logistics system (equipment for railroads, air transport, etc.). As a country with energy potential, Russia is also interested in participating in assistance in building energy infrastructure – everything that concerns oil and gas installations, as well as equipment for hydroelectric plants and nuclear power stations.”

Small-scale Subsistence Farming

2) The coming agricultural revolution. Much of the loss in US agricultural market share in Africa in the last decades is attributed to increased intra-regional trade, a positive trend indeed in building internal resiliency and promoting peaceful relations on the continent. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the imperialist tool par excellence since WW2, was forced to recognize,

“…the overall U.S. market share has been shrinking, down from 15 percent to just 5 percent over the last two decades. When the growth in Sub-Saharan Africa’s agricultural imports began to slow in 2011, U.S. exports to the region dropped by 23 percent. During this same time period, imports from the EU and Thailand grew by 13 percent and 11 percent, respectively. While a portion of the U.S. decline in can be attributed to economic factors such as exchange rates and falling commodity prices, increased competition from intra-regional trade presents the biggest challenge for U.S. exporters.

It becomes challenging indeed to play god and to deploy the famine card if your services are neither essential nor wanted! Africans had slowly built-up internal resilience and diversified to reliable non-instrumentalized Russian grain. However, much work remains to ensure food security.

What is the state of internal farming as Africa has “nearly 60% of the world’s untapped agricultural area?” Unfortunately, due to lack of investment – conceptual, infrastructural, technological, leadership, land reform, and strategic monetary, it remains wedded to preindustrial subsistence farming. This is manifestly insufficient to provide the sprawling urban centers, maintaining dependency on distant imports to cover huge shortage in needs.

2014 Malabo Declaration on Agriculture

The old ways of small-scale subsistence farming, whilst assuring local rural and semi-rural self-sufficiency in the face of chronic war, are not up to modern needs of supplying megalopolises. Reliable continuous sources of water, energy and best use of available technology and the manpower to help mass-produce multi-season food are needed. Many manifestos, such as the 2014 African Union Malabo Declaration on Agriculture, have already made known the parameters and ways states can contribute to their own food security.

In Malabo, African leaders re-affirmed their intention to devote 10% of their national budgets to drive agricultural transformation in [their] country. Better still, they committed to achieving targets such as doubling agricultural productivity, halving post-harvest loss, increasing youth participation in the agri-business by 30% and reducing stunting to 10% across Africa.

Urgent action is needed. With Africa’s population projected to double by 2050 and quadruple by 2100, pressure builds for self-sufficiency and efficiency in food production to avoid worsening hunger, disease, poverty, and lost potential. Only 6% of arable land in Africa is irrigated, compared to 14% and 37% in Latin America and Asia, respectively.

“…a growing population across the continent demands more, reliable and continuous supply of food. It is estimated that without additional investment in irrigation, the share of people at risk of hunger could increase by 5 percent by 2030 and 12 percent by 2050. Elevating irrigation to a top policy priority and bringing irrigation to scale could help ensure the continent’s food security in the face of more extreme weather conditions and be an engine of agricultural transformation.

80% of Africa’s farmland is worked by smallholder family farms which are less than seven acres. There are 33 million family farms that are under four acres in Africa. Most continue with ancient practices of animal waste or cover crops for fertilizer. They need access to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides if needed, and affordable or subsidized irrigation pumps. They require urgent investment, financing, and ancillary legal, political, and societal support. Some studies estimate, in order for maximum output of crops,there should be approximately eight times more fertilizer, six times better seeds, and funding of at least $8 billion for basic storage and $65 billion for irrigation.

To be fair, most states have been distracted by externally driven existential agendas, whether regional wars, counteracting coups, inflationary currency wars, or focused on short-term lucrative mining and extractive interests to earn dollars needed for energy and other essential imports. Constant destabilizing mechanisms introduced by the meddling of the West forced nonstop rearguard reaction. It has been easy to wear down the entire continent with a tireless and cost-free to date printing press at their disposal.

Several paradoxes are apparent in reviewing the agricultural sector. Given tremendous arable land, availability of water and the capability of growing food all year round, with proper management, Africa could easily ensure its food security. Yet most African governments do not invest in agriculture programs, for various internal and external reasons as discussed. Most have yet to fulfill their commitments from 2014 Malabo Declaration. Limiting factors in African agricultural revolution appear the external, socio-cultural, institutional and policy impediments. Many watchers note once the externally driven chaos is circumscribed, and known best-practices are systemically adopted, vast opportunities await to regain lost potential.

The World Island, model A

3) Dismantling Rumsfeld-Cebrowski. Prior to the counter-hegemonic multipolar drive, much of Russia’s intervention into Africa had prosaic purposes. Foremost was the imperative to diversify trade and relations from the excessive West-absorption of the 1990s. The scale of African resource wealth, richness and sheer number of cultures, and affinity for the old Soviets were well-known to Russians for 3-5 generations. This was a return to familiar friendly environs.

As Russia started to heal from the 1990s and western Hegemony peaked in intrusion and aggression worldwide, new urgent considerations took root. The implications of the Rumsfeld-Cebrowski Doctrine, launched in the first term of Bush II immediately following September 11, 2001, became well understood. Global chaos was being rolled out. The mad technocrats were intent on torching most of mankind, as they had done “the Greater Middle-East” and the Balkans! And Africans formed a quarter of UN member nations and sat on a fifth of the total land surface! Unless fought, such fires would inevitably spread and consume all.

Africa’s fate was linked with Eurasia by the Anglo-Saxon powers in their “World Island” construct. (Map 13: World Island, model A) Similar approaches to divide and rule were evident by the thalassocracy on both these vast land expanses. As increasingly decadent and beleaguered Anglo-Americans retreated to Oceania, leaving scorched earth in as many areas of the World Island as possible, the internationalization of the Somalia or Libya model was clear. Of particular concern to Russia – China was trade on the Mediterranean Sea. The West clearly planned it to be interdicted by piracy emanating from North Africa to cut Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs) between China and the European peninsula – in other words between the end nodes of the maritime silk road. A similar danger was evident between any two points of Eurasia and Africa seeking maritime connectivity. It would set back the mare nostrum to the chaos of the Barbary corsairs, which made trade difficult for centuries up to the mid-nineteenth century. Eurasia would be unable to reach its potential and indulge in civilized dialogue and relations.

“In Russia’s publicly available strategy documents, such as its foreign policy concept or defense doctrine, African states are defined as belonging to an unstable continent and posing an international threat in light of terrorist groups’ activities, particularly in the North African region. Such documents highlight Russia’s aims to expand interaction with Africa by developing beneficial trade and economic relations and supporting regional conflict and crisis prevention.

The Russian drive to pivot to Africa was at essence self-preservative. The West would not change its ways. Its designs had to be overcome creatively. Poverty-alleviation, bolstering of internal and regional stability, prevention of closure of key trade lanes such as the Red Sea or the Mediterranean – the cumulative gave locals a stake, an incentive to band together, and in which to fight indulgence of the lower appetites and states of being. Through encouragement of fruitful trade, cultural interaction, and preserving state structures from externally driven chaos and implosion, Russia took the lead in the maintenance of civilization and overall integrity of the World Island to withstand assault from peoples of the sea rim.

Reshaping the diplomatic stage, 2018

D) China: Enter the Dragon. In February 2023, China entered into the public record several white papers with stark differences with the Western way of life. Of note were the two documents immediately following the Munich Security Conference (see above Table 02: China Paper: “U.S. Hegemony and Its Perils”). As with the two Russian démarches in December 2021, expectations of a positive reception were exceedingly slim. Nevertheless, old legalistic civilizations had time-honored traditions of placing their marks prior to hostilities; occasionally, if fortune was kind, such rituals swayed rash adversaries onto saner courses.

China had faced continual intimidation tactics, escalating from years of cynical naval “freedom of navigation operations” (FONOP), based on pointless humiliation-rituals. The US, and several of its junior allies would sail unwanted warships through contested Chinese waters, harkening back to colonial days of “gunboat diplomacy.” To no avail, China repeatedly expressed security concerns with these US naval and air missions, particularly through its ancient territorial waters in the South China Sea. Japan was similarly pushed by its handlers on the East China Sea. Western tactics increased to crude verbal threats since the January – February 2023 USA balloon incidents.

1) “Inadmissibility” of giving weapons to Russia. Hypocritical orders were barked stridently by Germans, the US State Department, and the West generally. The same actors arming the Ukraine to the gills and leaving their own cupboards bare! These had a stacked function. Domestic utility was sought of turning on the “Red Menace of the Yellow Peril” fear machine, in swiveling their global media weapon onto the Asia-Pacific direction. Dormant long-standing racism was stoked, in the setting of Ukraine and Russia fatigue. There was a concomitant real fear of a peer with manufacturing capabilities exceeding their combined weight supplying Russia with armaments. These were open threats made to China to not enter the fray. Casus belli was preplanted by Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, the CIA head, the German Chancellor, and many others for when the time came to attack China; the imminent loss in the Ukraine would be blamed on dastardly Chinese industrial warfare capability in supplying Russia ammunition, drones and armaments which overwhelmed their plucky little pet Ukrainian heroes.

“Haines also called out China’s “deepening collaboration with Russia” as Moscow continues its war against Ukraine. The U.S. previously has said China has considered providing lethal military aid to Russia, and has warned Beijing against doing so.”

2) Preempting Peace by China. The alleged “spy balloons” which wafted leisurely over the continental USA served as the opening gun to swivel group hate onto China. Supposedly planning to supply ammunition to Russia was another opening of the faucet. The denigration of China additionally served to distract from heralded peace initiatives signaled by the highest ranked Chinese diplomat Wang Yi at Munich.

The brazenness of western language caused an astonished Lavrov to say in New Delhi,You shouldn’t make threats in general. But when someone threatens China, given the current circumstances, I can’t wrap my head around that.” The West feared the moral position of China amongst the Global South to expose their bankrupt and aggressively criminal approach to the Ukraine. This was consistent in the eyes of the RoH with their conduct elsewhere for centuries. And the shaming contrast presented by the calm sincere position of China with their endless hysteria, hate and warmongering! Further, they feared how much more naked they would soon appear once they attacked a China calling for peace.

A “No Limits” Partnership

3) Germany commits seppuku. The spectacle of a dying deindustrializing and de-energized Germany threatening its top export market and trade partner just after liquidating lifelines to its top cheap fuel provider was astonishing!

“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said China will face unspecified sanctions if it meddles in the Ukrainian conflict and offers military assistance to Russia…

I think it would have consequences, but we are now in a stage where we are making clear that this should not happen,” Scholz told CNN during his brief visit to Washington, when asked if Germany would sanction its biggest trade partner China…

“We all agree that there must be no weapons deliveries, and the Chinese government has stated that it wouldn’t deliver any,” the chancellor told journalists following a meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Sunday.

“That is what we are demanding and we are watching it.”

The madness! Innuendoes, threats, and lies said of the Chinese government which made no such statements! How does parroting Anglo-Saxon memes-du-jour save German compradore elites or safeguard their prosperous future? It merely binds them tighter to their overlords, equally chained in the bowels of the USS Titanic… China drew the lessons of end-stage decadence and Hubris. As Russia had rerouted its energy and commodity flows to the Global South and East, so China focused on trade, investment and exchanges with Africa, West Asia, Central Asia, ASEAN and its surviving BRI nodes…

4) Sun Tzu: “Great results, can be achieved with small forces.” The Chinese started to return the brazen western thrust. As with the Russians before them, their well-oiled, extremely high-grade, and calm diplomatic corps deftly flipped the projected narrative roles to expose the sordid reality. They reminded of the hypocrisy of demanding no weapons be delivered to one side while funneling unlimited amounts to the other:

“Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said Washington was peddling “false information about weapons” and sanctioning Chinese firms “for no reason,” describing this as “hypocritical” and “a blatant act of bullying.” Washington is already fueling the fire in Ukraine by “pouring weapons into one side of the conflict, thus prolonging the fight and making peace elusive,” Mao added.”

The Chinese finished their arguments by turning impudence on its head and asking them to deliver the proper reports regarding the state terrorism on Nordstreams 1+2. This has severe ramifications worldwide for posterity. Given the depths involved (requiring specialized military-grade mixes of inhaled gases by divers), degree of hardening of concrete-encased steel pipelines, massive amounts of explosive required, and the constant surface monitoring by Russia and multiple NATO-members, many experts understood and reported the impossibility of non-state actors being capable of the complex undertaking. Only a few major states with the subspecialized expertise, platforms, and technologic solutions were capable of this mission. Further, the reticence of the combined western MSM, and Germany and affected NATO members to investigate and to allow investigation by Russia further pointed to the embarrassing protagonist caught in flagrante

China – Russia Relations

5) Strategic ties with Russia reinforced. The Chinese lead English-language editorial at Global Times affirmed, despite western intrigue, China-Russian relations were based on genuine friendship, an asset to the world, and immune to ongoing external intrigue. The cartoon says it all! (Image 24: China – Russia Relations) Mackinder, Spykman, Brzezinski and other little spiders could pack this poppy and smoke it. The engineered sabotage of a potent Russia – Germany alliance was replaced by an even larger nightmare: the defacto alliance of the two biggest continental peers of Russia – China.

Chinese spokeswomen rejoinders to western hysteria and insolence aside, concrete steps were taken by its political leadership. They signaled fundamental change with desperate western moves for the “status quo ante bellum. Russia grimly continued to message this war against the combined West was an existential fight. They had been left no option and only through the battlefield would they secure their right to “equal and indivisible security for all.” The ongoing bottomless intransigence and cynicism of the aggressive West in fueling this war made “uti possidetis” the operative arbiter of the civilizational collision.

A month’s grand flurry

6) Primus inter pares. A rapid and unprecedented diplomatic and political series of initiatives were unveiled by China’s top diplomat and its President. (Table 03: A month’s grand flurry) As the West remained mired in the Ukraine, the foundation of their West Asian and USD reserve currency policies since 1973-79 was shockingly upended in Beijing. They had carefully engineered enmity and rivalry between Salafi Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran, using this long crisis in West Asia to milk trillions from the former in arms and Petrodollar recycling and to keep the latter down and mired in perpetual poverty and isolation amidst plenty and its ideal central location.

The master move of the Chinese was timed with the inauguration of Xi Jinping’s third term to head the presidency. A week later as of this writing, it is still hard to comprehend the seismic ramifications! But first, can the peace hold? Can the desert Bedouins keep their nerve and their vows? A remarkable tabula rasa was gifted by the impartial civilizational arbiter long respected throughout West Asia. How to foil the inevitable Imperial counterinsurgency, of working to spoil the regional peace which now acutely threatens their misrule?

On cue, General Mark “Iago” Milley visited the lonely Syrian outposts, calming his skittish Kurds, and incentivizing other proxy Salafi and closely interrelated tribal networks of the region. The latter happen to be closely related to both Saudis and the Al Anbar Sunnis who formed much of cadre of ISIS midwifed in US jails and dungeons. The $580 Billion Credit Suisse, of which Saudis are largest shareholder, is under current attack. Saudis were threatened or anticipate inclusion in an oil price cap, prompting defiance from their oil minister. A smothering full-court press has been put on the Saudis. Many malign tools of leverage still lie in the Hegemon’s grasp. In former periods of setback, wells had been wildly poisoned for lesser retreats!

Regardless of the eventual outcome, the very hosting of the peace ceremony in Beijing while the Usual Suspects were gorging on war had the function of ushering out what mirages were left of the Unipolar moment. Who would NOT change places with Xi Jinping? An embarrassed and pitying silence greets the despairing Hegemon, marked by ever-louder footfalls of applicants to the BRIICS+. The Global South rushes to avail of Chinese – Russian mediation for conflict resolution and a new path forward out of the maddening Escheresque labyrinths of the West. China had taken center stage on the global commons as Peacemaker whilst shattering the western grip on the crucial West Asia.

7) Chinese weight in Africa remains on an upward trajectory. Western media campaigns to the contrary, Chinese transformational heft in Africa is astounding and speaks for itself. All this was accomplished without political interference or any of the multiple points of intrusiveness or aggression raised in their February anti-Hegemony paper. As with Afro-Russian relations, the future scope for win-win Afro-Chinese relations is unlimited and ever accelerates.

In a rising Africa, as throughout the hardening World Island which circles wagons, a flummoxed Hegemon finds itself walled off. It is greeted with the disdainful rejection of one African leader after another and the careful diplomatic BRIICS+ protective networking and maneuvering. Above all, informing their undying hatred of Russia, they are greeted by potent Russian kinetic and leadership tools undergirding booming times of development, reorientation to the Rest of Humanity, and a heady optimism as they escape away into a golden future.


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Steve from Oz
Steve from Oz
8 months ago

Great article, a lot to unpack here AHH, but I particularly liked the quote from Patrushev; In fact, the American state is just a shell for a conglomerate of huge corporations that rule the country and try to rule the world.

8 months ago

i’m on my third read, several more to go. ahh, you’ve delivered a degree in african studies in these four parts. i love the opening photo, lavrov looks genuinely happy. when he takes a break, or needs a holiday, he apparently goes camping with friends, he doesn’t fish, preferring to… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  emersonreturn

Lavrov is being hosted in Addis Ababa in the famed Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Remember Ethiopia along with Yemen gave us coffee. Addis is quite important — site of the AU, the most dynamic farming country and powerhouse in all Africa, third most populous, only major uncolonized nation in 1885, one… Read more »

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8 months ago
Reply to  AHH

thank you for your superb reply. bless you & bless ethiopian coffee. i sincerely hope you don’t limit yourself, & place an end to these accounts, for as you’ve said the changes now are historic & happening with the speed of light. we barely observe the comet’s tail & it’s… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  emersonreturn

bless you and thanks for kind words emerson. I will try occasionally, if a topic grips my interest like this. Decades ago I used to write a lot of papers in college/undergrad and noted even then I couldn’t write well unless it was moving – otherwise had writer’s block. In… Read more »

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8 months ago
Reply to  AHH

this MiG-31 carrier terrifies NATO more than any other in RuAF arsenal. When it takes off from Belarus, air sirens sound in every Ukie oblast in a blind panic..

Spire of MiG 31.jpg
8 months ago

AHH works so hard at these, and they are so very good. And he keeps saying that he wants to get done with it because he wants his life back lol. If you see what is happening Africa/Russia, even before the 2nd International Parliamentary Conference ‘Russia – Africa’, starts with… Read more »

Colin Maxwell
Colin Maxwell
8 months ago
Reply to  amarynth

Yes indeed Amarynth… our wonderful in-house asset AHH has waded into the Rubicon… we can’t afford to let him off the hook… bring on the next instalment!

the Col

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8 months ago
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lol 🙂