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Summary: Igor Kirillov, Bioweapons

Summary of statements by Igor Kirillov, Head of Protection of Forces from Radiation, Chemical and Biological weapons, Russian Ministry of Defense:

◾️ United States is rolling out a program of dangerous pathogen research in Central Asia and the Caucasus (Russian border);

◾️The US circumvents international law to conduct pathogen research abroad;

◾️ United States may be behind the September 2022 Ebola outbreak in Africa;

◾️ The health care systems of the countries involved in the US biological programs are in a sorry state;

◾️ Russian Defense Ministry has released the names of Ukrainian officials involved in the American biological program;

◾️ Ecohealth Alliance, one of the companies involved in pathogen research, has not filed the necessary information with US regulators;

◾️ Pfizer acknowledges carrying out “directed evolution” (gain of function) research for their profit;

◾️ The facts, published as a result of findings during the Special Military Operation, about the military-biological work of the United States, are disturbing;

◾️ The US authorities contradict their own statements about what they do in the biological laboratories in Ukraine.

◾️ United States seeks to establish dominance, globally, over biological threats and how to respond to them.

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The briefing by Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops of the Russian Armed Forces, caused a sensation.

Analysis of documents related to US military biological activities reveals further evidence of” dual-use programs ” of pharmaceutical companies and the Pentagon.

Kirillov cited evidence that Pfizer employees admit to conducting research on the” directed evolution ” of viruses in order to gain competitive advantages and increase profits.

“For example, an employee of Pfizer, Karen Kingston, bluntly stated that the products of the American pharmaceutical company” … by definition, are biological weapons…”. At the same time, she refers to American legislation that defines biological weapons as any biological agent, toxin or delivery device, and under the definition of which vaccines with mRNA technology are suitable. The development of this type of vaccine was funded by the US state budget since 2017, and by the time commercially available drugs appeared, it was clear that they could cause the development of concomitant diseases and serious complications such as meningitis, anaphylactic shock, acute myocardial infarction, and stroke,” Kirillov said.

At the same time, according to Kirillov, victims were also offered to treat the side effects of vaccination with Pfizer and Moderna drugs, which have already received multibillion-dollar state contracts.

It turns out that pharmaceutical companies offer poison with one hand, and an antidote with the other.

“Such an approach allows American pharmaceutical producers to fully use the emergence of new pathogens to their advantage, to receive unlimited profits,” the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“We have repeatedly drawn your attention to the fact that the main task of US bio-programs is to establish global biological control. The result of “selective assistance” to states involved in programs is, as a rule, the transition to American standards for transmitting and summarizing information about the biological environment, the degradation of national health systems, and the imposition of suppliers of medical equipment and drugs,” Kirillov notes.

Thus, in the future, the United States dreams of controlling the birth rate, treatment, and life expectancy of individual peoples and entire races. A sort of global concentration camp without barbed wire. And the towers of this Buchenwald can be the very biological laboratories whose supervisors are engaged in collecting strains of particularly dangerous microorganisms.

Kirillov warned that the US authorities are increasingly contradicting themselves in their statements regarding the work of US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

He drew attention to the fact that in a statement dated January 31, 2023, the representative of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, confirmed the presence of American biolabs in Ukraine, indicating that they were ” left by personnel and deactivated before the start of a special military operation.”

“Let me remind you that Kirby was an admiral of the US Navy, a structure that oversaw the military biological laboratories of the US Military Department (NAMRU) abroad. At the same time, the documents we received refute Kirby’s statement,” Kirillov notes and immediately cites the official appeal of the director of the Kiev representative office of the company “C – H-Tu-M-Hill”-a key contractor of the Pentagon – David Smith dated December 6, 2022.

Smith addressed the Ukrainian institutions participating in the” Program for countering particularly dangerous Pathogens in Ukraine “and ordered”further consolidation of collections of dangerous pathogens, as well as the deployment of biorisk management systems and monitoring of the epidemiological situation.” That was three months ago!

It turns out that dangerous viruses remained on the territory of Ukraine, or new ones were delivered to its territory from the United States. Otherwise, how can we explain that in January 2023, the Government of Ukraine approved new requirements for accounting, storage, transportation and destruction of microorganisms, toxins and poisons of animal and plant origin?

“Special attention in the document is paid to the international transportation by air of substances with the highest hazard class” A “(biological agents that can cause disability or death of a person), ” the representative of the Ministry of Defense also points out.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, such activities can be carried out in order to carry out provocations with dangerous pathogens and then impose responsibility on Russia.


If we turn to the history of the creation of concentration camps, then one detail is important: medical experiments in the German Buchenwald began in 1937, even earlier, in 1936, the Japanese death camp “detachment -721” appeared on the territory of Manchuria (China). There, under the leadership of the Japanese microbiologist Shiro Ishii, a concentration camp was created, where killer biologists from the “detachment-731” killed more than 3,000 prisoners of war with viruses and bacteria. And they even created a plague for Hitler, which was 60 times more contagious than the natural one. But fortunately, they didn’t have time to use it. At this time, Hitler’s doctors, in search of a more deadly virus, killed more than 250,000 people in Buchenwald as guinea pigs. The Germans infected prisoners with typhus, tuberculosis, and other dangerous viruses and bacteria to test the effects of new vaccines.

By the way, in the same place, the first experiments on gender reassignment were conducted on prisoners. Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler set up a private laboratory for Danish doctor Karl Werneth in Buchenwald, where he conducted experiments on homosexuals and prostitutes. He sewed hormone capsules into prisoners ‘ groin areas to change their sex drive. Verneta and Isii were saved from the gallows by the Americans after World War II. Vernet worked in the Ministry of Health of Argentina, and Isiii transferred experience to the United States at a research site in Maryland.

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Godfree Roberts
11 days ago

Thanks for the great summary.

11 days ago

Amarynth thank you for bringing this to your readers attention, we will not know what is out there until someone uses it.

11 days ago

Amarynth thank you for bringing this important story to my attention.
We will not know what is out there until someone uses it.

10 days ago

i hesitate to thank you, amarynth, for fear of repetition & of embarrassing you, but, amarynth, truly, what you have created with global is gold, an archive & @ the same time an indelible encapsulated view of the moment. i would be remiss not to thank you. (although i… Read more »