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Statement: General Sergei Shoigu teleconference

A fair translation of Shoigu’s statements on the channel of the Russian MoD:

Notes for the statement by the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu at the teleconference

First of all, a few words about the situation on the contact line of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The offensive operations of the Russian forces in Donetsk and Kupyansk directions resulted in the liberation of Nikolayevka, Dvurechnoye, Krasnaya Gora, Gryanikovka, and Paraskoviyevka.

The liberation of Artyomovsk is in progress. This city is an important defence node of the Ukrainian forces in Donbass. Taking it under control will allow to carry out further offensive operations towards the depth of the defence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

Within the U.S.-led strategy ‘to defeat Russia by force of arms’, Western countries increase the supplies of armament and military hardware to Ukraine, and amplify the training curricula of Ukrainian army’s personnel.

Meanwhile, the support provided by NATO countries to the Kiev regime does not lead the Ukrainian forces to any success on the battlefield. On the contrary, a considerable increase in casualties has been noted among the AFU personnel.

For example, in February, these casualties rose by over 40% in comparison with January, and amounted to over 11,000 personnel.

In this regard, the Kiev regime’s indifference to its people and inconsideration to the enormous human losses in favour of the Western curators are astonishing.

In turn, saving lives and health of the personnel and civilians remain our priority.

We will continue our action within the special military operation.

Thematic part of our conference.

The first issue of the agenda refers to constructing the ‘Kronshtadt’ submarine that will be adopted by the Northern Fleet.

The vessel is to be fitted with Kalibr cruise missiles, latest radar, hydroacoustic, and navigation systems. This will significantly increase its operational effectiveness.

Today we will examine the measures to be taken for prompt readiness of the vessel, schedule the terms of its State trials, and introduction into the strength of the Navy.

* * *

The next issue refers to the main military-political activities on the eve of the 78th anniversary of the Victory.

The U.S.-led Western countries have started an absolutely unprincipled information war against Russia.

Our enemies are actively and outrageously promoting the lie that they are those who had made the main contribution to defeat fascism and finish the Second World War.

This and any other attempts to falsify the historical truth must be stopped.

We have no right to allow the lessons of the terrible tragedy, that the humankind was led to in the 20th century, to be distorted and forgotten.

This should be the main focus for the military authorities in preparing the Victory Day’s festivities. A total of 43,000 events have been scheduled.

The activities of major importance will include honouring the veterans of the Great Patriotic War and those involved in the special military operation, as well as providing their families with social support.

Railway excursions, tours, and video calls of the personnel with their families have already been introduced.

Parcels, letters, and greetings are sent to military healthcare organisations.

* * *

The next issue refers to the enrolment on the higher education institutions of the Ministry of Defence. Today, there are 280 professional titles available.

Military pilots, navigators, paratroopers, sailors, reconnaissance officers, motorised rifleman, and tankman tend to be the top jobs among the young people.

There is a growing interest in engineering professional titles, related to operating the latest armament and hardware.

Traditionally, Ryazan Airborne School, Ground Forces’ command schools, and aircraft schools have led the list of the most sought-after educational institutions.

The gradual increase in the Armed Forces’ strength supposes to train a larger number of officers.

This year, we have to enrol about 18,000 motivated and prepared students and cadets.

Special attention will be paid to children of the personnel involved in the special military operation, as well as pupils of Suvorov, Nakhimov, and Presidential cadet schools. The candidates will be selected at their educational institutions before the Unified State Exam and receiving high-school diplomas.

Today we will discuss how to entirely fulfil the strength order in training officers.

In conclusion, we will examine the results of inventive and rationalisation activities in the Armed Forces within the first quarter.

About 4,000 people are currently involved in the scientific and technical creativity, that is 18% more than last year.

The main increase was provided due to the tank, self-propelled artillery system and fighting vehicle crews, as well as engineers and reconnaissance units involved in the special military operation.

The inventions and innovations are actively introduced into the academic curricula and troops’ everyday activities.

Several projects aimed at increasing the personnel’s protection, efficiency in operating armament and hardware are currently applied in the special military operation.

We have to determine the main tasks for the second quarter, and the terms to implement them.

Dear colleagues!

The today’s conference is taking place on the eve of the 8 March.

On this holiday, we express our sincere gratitude to our dear women for their care, kindness, cordiality, and firmness in the challenging days.

In the professional field, they entirely implement their abilities, taking an active part in the social and political life of the country.

Many of them have chosen a difficult path: to serve the Fatherland in the ranks of the Armed Forces.

And there are over 39,000 of them. Almost 5,000 of them are officers.

Currently, 1,100 servicewomen are involved in the special military operation, every third of them has received State awards.

On behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Defence and personally, I want to express tank all the women of the Russian Army for their conscientious service, professional and responsible approach in their mission, wish to have strong health, spring mood, and family welfare.

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18 days ago

Auntie from zod posted this 🙂 If Putin is replaced by Medvedev, then God help Kiev. If Putin is replaced by Kadyrov, then God help Poland. If Putin is replaced by Prigozhin, then God help Great Britain, Germany, France and the USA. I cannot disagree 😀 😀 😀 be well… Read more »

18 days ago

Nightvision mentions Prigozhin’s speech from the center of Bakhmut. In the speech, he states that the best trained and most heavily armed Russian troops have not yet entered combat, and he hints at the fact that the major Russian operations will begin after the fall of Bakhmut –