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Humanitarian aid: Syria and Turkiye

Today, the US Treasury issued a general license that authorizes for 180 days all transactions related to earthquake relief that would be otherwise prohibited by the Syrian Sanctions Regulations (SySR).

How very bitter.  Chances for pulling live people out of the earthquake rubble are almost gone now.  And if you read the document, it is highly proscribed for only certain categories. 

Read the piece further below from Vanessa Beeley and watch her interview: 

How very bitter if one wants to give a piece of bread to a fellow human that has fallen on terribly hard times, that you have to wait for the US Treasury to get your 180 days license.  How very entitled that they think they are the arbiters of how humans should behave, one toward the other.  This kind of long-arm jurisdiction must fall!  And the sting of sanctions (while the US is stealing Syrian oil, burn grainfields and occupy territory) must be removed from our world.

From Marwa Osman:

The best way this piece of useless paper can benefit Syrians is if they print it and use it as toilet paper.

No money can be wired to Syrian Banks.
Paypal and Patreon do not even allow us to open their sites in Lebanon and Syria.If the US wants to help (yeah right) let them fly in their helicopters from the occupied Syrian areas east of the Euphrates and send aid to Damascus airport and Aleppo airport.
They won’t.

Why..because if they do..all coward states will follow..and real help would get to Syrians.

Let them PROVE this is not a toilet paper by allowing ships to dock in Tartous and Lattakia, by allowing wire transfers to ALL Syrian banks NOW and by not intimidating individuals and groups crowd funding for Syria..see GoFundMe who removed aid for Syria.

From Blinken, who must have taken lessons in lying and stealing and looting from another of his countrymen.

We are providing humanitarian assistance to help Syrian earthquake victims. We are their leading humanitarian donor since the start of the war—the U.S. has provided more than $15B to the Syrian people in Syria and the region. These funds go to the Syrian people, not the regime.

Vanessa Beeley responds:

Translation. We send funds (“aid”) to our #AlQaeda assets in #Idlib & we sanction & ensure collective punishment of all Syrians that do not want their government changed or their resources stolen.

There, fixed it.

Comment from myself.  Blinkie, get the message – you are ‘the regime’ now and while the world is working to get out of your regime, your actions are spinning up sheer hatred which will end up in nobody giving you a piece of bread when you fall on hard times, even if you put your hand out.  And you will Blinkie, you will!

This is how we ignore you!

Ben Norton made a comment that is critical to understand. He says: “If US sanctions don’t prevent humanitarian aid from getting to Syria, why would the US need to temporarily suspend them? 🤔

Because obviously the US knows its sanctions do block aid. And it makes it clear it will reimpose these illegal sanctions in August”

Another veil has been ripped off, the one of the Good US. This 180 days license exposes the lies of US & sanctions apologists, & proves 1) sanctions are *not* designed to only target governments 2) humanitarian aid is *not* allowed under these imperial regimes — as they issued a license to permit aid after global outrage.