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The Great Russian Offensive ft. Scott Ritter

I’m a tough nut to crack and in terms of trust, I don’t trust many.  But here, in this video Ritter tells a good story that has actually convinced me that he has a heart and also is emotionally mature enough to say the things that he says (despite major errors initially).  He talks about fundamental changes necessary in the US and a number of other topics, like summarizing again how the SMO in Ukraine started.   He talks about war, unnecessary war and nation-building on the basis of humanity.  He also says that Russia is going to have to give the US some forgiveness so that they can get themselves back to humanity.  No!  This once they need to see some consequences.  The two Rasheeds that are leading the conversation are very quiet until almost an hour in, and then it is clear they know as well what the reality is.

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1 month ago
Reply to  amarynth

okie I think its safe or safer now… nobody is gonna see this!!! 😀 SR is not as cute as you now changed your mind, dear 🙂 thats how the white americans talk to the black… wait until he talks to ruski or chi-com then I believe MOR… anyhow at… Read more »