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Syria Earthquake: US & EU refuse to help Syrians – Vanessa Beeley

Syrian government is preparing to send a convoy of humanitarian aid to Idlib through the Saraqib crossing. The convoy is only waiting for representatives of United Nations.

Negotiations have reached a point of understanding, and the humanitarian aid will enter through the Saraqib crossing, on Saturday at most.

Syria has informed the United Nations that in case the UN is late in performing its duties of receiving aid, Syria will not hesitate to deliver this aid alone to help the affected families.

UAE has been negotiating for the past 3 days with Idlib armed groups to open the crossings, but the latter refused

These groups were finally persuaded to allow the entry of an aid convoy via the Syrian Red Crescent and international organizations in Syria

The armed groups want to mobilize international support for them only under the pretext that the Syrian state will not allow aid to enter its areas, or that it refuses to do so