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How The Threat Of China Was Made In The USA

This comes from our fraternal site, The Greanville Post, and was written by Peter Man.  It is an excellent and in-depth treatment of how western media works vis a vis China and broader propaganda.  We can truly classify this as a ‘small encyclopedia’.

Smearing China: Western Media Are Staffed with Unprincipled Careerists & Disinformers.

Peter states:  This is a long post with a lot of material to back up Sana’s claim in her video. If you’re one of those people who have always wondered about why the world is as it is, and want to understand the reality we live in, but can’t distinguish the lies from the truth, spend a bit of time to learn the answer at the very end. Hopefully, you will find it worth your while, and you will pass this to your family and friends.

Sana Saeed is a host and senior producer at AJ+, the digital news service distributed over social media and owned by Al Jazeera, which in turn is owned by Qatar. It’s always advisable to know the source of your information. I normally do not pay much attention to Al Jazeera, as they tend to repeat the Western mainstream narratives. I’m therefore intrigued when I came upon Sana’s AJ+ YouTube post titled “How the Threat of China was Made in the USA

It starts with this video:

Here is my comment:I am from Hong Kong and have become a Canadian like Sana. I worked in the mainstream media in the early days of my career and actually built a national Chinese-language television station in Canada. That was a long time ago. When Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997, I returned to my hometown to watch that historical event. I ended up getting a job in China and lived there for almost two decades. I have witnessed China’s rise and I can share one of my experiences in a few words. I was utterly shocked by the complete disregard for factual reporting of China by Western journalists. I am almost ashamed to say that I started my television career in Canada working as a director for a news crew on the streets of Toronto. These so-called Western “journalists” willfully dissemble and dissimulate in their reports about China, and they twist everything about China with a negative narrative. It is their job to be dishonest about China and they’re happy to make a living doing it.*

China is by no means a perfect society, and no one should lie about that, but why should we expect any human society to be perfect? Given that China is a huge country with a long and continuous civilization, trying to feed a large and complex population with scant resources, and which is in the process of recovering from a hundred years of incessant wars and colonial plunder, its government has at least helped its people improve their lives from extreme poverty and with a very disadvantaged hand. What has our government done for us lately, except crushing the people under a mountain of debt to send the people’s sons and daughters into endless wars, committing atrocities in our name, and buying propaganda from the mainstream media so we can all blame China, meanwhile all the money flows into the coffers of the 1%?

Sana’s well-researched mini-documentary unequivocally reveals the role taken on by Western mainstream journalists and their media bosses as disseminators of misinformation and false narratives in almost all of their reports about China. Unfortunately, lies and fabrications will not overcome truth and facts. Not only will the mainstream media destroy our trust in them, they will destroy themselves as well as our society. This is what happens when our society no longer has trust. One of the symptoms of our sickness is how we now have lying presidents and lying prime ministers and lying lawmakers, and how it is now normal for them to lie. The problem is not that they lie, but that they lie poorly. I have recently written a short post titled “The Blame China Song.” Feel free to read for a laugh.

My comment received 600 upvotes on YouTube
The following is a sample of comments on my comment.

Alex Tang
Mr. Man, well said, glad that you speaking out ! did watch your “FairChild TV” during my university days…Alex from Toronto.

Xi Xu
Thank you for telling the truth !

Ken Aidiun
Thanks Sir (three thumbs up)

Amelia H
I never thought of a rap based on such a topic ! !

Xel Kim
Peter, do share more, its hard to find a anyone from Hong Kong with that unique experience. Keep safe.

Xi Chen
Thanks for your work

I’ve read your rap. A great one. I forwarded to a video as a quoted comment with your name. If you don’t like it please let me (know) then I can delete it there. Thanks.

Diana Xu
Bravo, well said!! Would like to hear more from you.

* It turns out I am not the only person besides Sana to arrive at such a conclusion. There are many of us out there. The following links are a small sample of YouTube videos made by people from the West who have lived in China and have discovered this strange anomaly in mainstream news reporting. And then there are a few videos by mainstream journalists who have decided to tell the truth.

Cyrus Janssen: The Real Reason Western Media Lies About China | 2 years ago

Cyrus has a good heart and wants peace between the U.S. and China. I do not, however, agree with his conclusion that the real reason is jealousy. His experience of not seeing a single positive report on China from the West in thirteen years is not an anomaly. I lived in China for twenty years and I saw none. In fact, I started observing this phenomenon since I visited China in the early ’80s. Jealousy alone could not have done that. (Click Below)Daniel DumbrillThe Media’s Public Manipulation Exposed From The Inside

Fellow Canadian, Daniel Dumbrill, owner/operator of a microbrewery in Shenzhen is one of the best vloggers on the subject. He is thorough, he is meticulous, he is knowledgeable, he is well researched, he is balanced, and he shows you raw material that demonstrates a salient point, that wage-earning journalists and profit-oriented media bosses cannot afford to report the truth. (Click Below)


Lee Barrett: “In this video, I discuss my thoughts on how I feel that western media is so very negative when it reports about China. Almost all the news I read in the negative press is either negative or sometimes just not true.” (Feb 26, 2020) 



British News EXPOSED My CCP Funding…AGAIN!?
Premiered Jun 19, 2021 CHINA

[Another witness] 

Raz Gao-Or: The New York Times Article About Me
Raz is a Jewish guy from Israel who grew up in Hong Kong and Beijing. His father manages an equity fund from Israel specializing in investments in China. Raz’s highly popular channel Y-China talks about China, the Chinese people, and foreigners in China. He is basically a fun guy and is not interested in a lot of political mumbo-jumbo. Unfortunately, he did travel to Xinjiang to find out for himself and his channel’s followers what the real Xinjiang looked like. That offended the New York Times, which targeted Raz in a hit piece on China. Surprisingly, many readers defended Raz in their comments. (Click Below) 



Hi guys, I’m Raz. After two weeks of posting of the video “I am being attacked by The New York Times”, The New York Times finally published an article about me, and the content was EXACTLY as I predicted: the regular anti-China narrative… the predetermined conclusions… the non-existing evidence… etc.

[Another witness]

Numuves: A Chinese Canadian who lives in China and makes vlogs about China shares a compilation of speeches by retired colonel Richard Black, former Republican member of the Virginia State Senate, and an American patriot who killed and risked to be killed as an American soldier in many wars on behalf of Americans. Here col. Black decides to tell the shocking truth that is almost diametrically opposite to what we learn from the mainstream media. (Click Below)





An absolute hero of our times has been erased from our collective consciousness by the Western media and those who control it.

Udo Ulfkotte decided that he was fed up with writing lies for the newspapers. He told the world that he and his colleagues had been lying in their news reports all the time from day one. He didn’t beat around the bush. He named names, and no one ever sued him. They couldn’t as he was telling the truth. (Click Below)



Feb 4, 2021

Udo Ulfkotte: In the following 2014 clip, Udo explained that he was worried because Europe was being pushed into war. We learn too late (in May 2022) that his worries were not unfounded. While for twenty-five years, Udo’s mainstream lies were treated as the gospel truth, the moment he started telling the truth, he was branded as a right wing extremist and a crazy conspiracy theorist. Now, he may hold views we don’t completely agree with, that is not strange. But listen to the man’s words. Read his interviews. Make your own judgment. Does he sound like he was making things up? Udo expected that his telling the truth would bring him a world of troubles. At least, he did not have to suffer long. He died two years and three months later in January of 2017 at the young age of 56. In Udo’s own words, “I’ve been a journalist for twenty-five years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public” and “Germany is still a kind of a colony of the United States.” Truth is sometimes rather refreshing.** (Click Below)

** I have always maintained that Germany does not have full sovereignty, and that may offend some people. But people refuse to acknowledge that Germany is still an occupied country. China once had foreign soldiers and gunboats in the country. The Chinese people know by experience what that means.


Yonden Lhatoo:   The insufferable hypocrisy of Western governments

Finally, an indignant mainstream journalist, Yonden Lhatoo, Chief News Editor of South China Morning Post, lashes out at hypocrites who like to lecture others on the freedom of the press. Yonden quoted Chris Hedges in his video. Chris used to work for the New York Times as their Middle East and Balkans Bureau Chief. He resigned in 2005 after being reprimanded for telling the truth. Do we have hope?



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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
1 month ago

Gosh, such a lot to digest here! The China-bashing is rife down here in NZ as well. It has basically the default mode of ~99% of people I know personally. Kiwis have been subjected to anti-China propaganda for generations, and as such the bias runs deep. Even within our freedom… Read more »

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