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I made a comment in the Daily Chronicles as follows:

Brazil? The USAmerican rightwing is literally vicariously reliving their 6th January via the attempted coup in Brazil. At this moment, do not accept any USAmerican writing on Brazil as the facts are being twisted to fit their historical replay. Its theater. But they are causing untold damage as they are making the task for Brazil to recreate itself more difficult. This segment of the USAmerican population cannot do anything about their own circumstance, but hey presto! they can fit their facts around Brazil as if it is a little USA. Someone should teach them about colonialism.

These are some notes to bring detail to that comment.

Take a look:

I also received this article, from a friend.  Most of this is feverish imaginations and there is no evidence of any of it.  Lula said that his government will do a detailed investigation into the attempted coup, and will bring the guilty to justice.  (In reality, easier said than done, but from the US, they are trying to get Brazil to request that Bolsonaro be sent back to Brazil, under some pretext.  I think Lula is happy with Bolsonaro in the US).

BRAZIL: Regime Planning to Deny Conservative Senators and Representatives Their Seats – 1000 “Lulag” Concentration Camp Inmates Forced to Get the Vax

So, let’s start with Glen Greenwald, as his material is being used to fan the flames.  Who is Glen Greenwald?

He is the one that disappeared all or most of the material that was brought out of the USA by Edward Snowden.  He was the media source that Snowden trusted to publish the materials.  Up to today, it is estimated that only 4% was ever published.

He lives in Brazil with his husband, a political player and congressman by the name of David Miranda who, during the Brazilian election season, jumped from this political grouping PSOL for what Brian Mier describes as “the ideologically incoherent” PDT – a party of loosely-connected local power coalitions ranging from center-right to center-left.” He attacked Lula and announced he and Glen will support Ciro Gomes for President.  Miranda holds the title as “first LGBT’ councilor” in the Brazilian extremely messy political field.  Sharp watchers and commentators already know that the complete LGBT agenda is a political agenda.   

PDT was founded by legendary leftist Lionel Brizola, but it was also home to prosperity gospel pastor/Rio governor Antony Garotinho, who had a party in the governors mansion to celebrate the first 100 kills by his Military Police, before he switched parties.

David Miranda has never won an election.  He took power as the substitute for Jean Wyllys, who left the country after repeated death threats from militia-affiliated members of the Bolsonaro coalition after not getting enough votes to be elected congressman himself.

So, those are some facts in a nutshell.   Brian Mier from Telesur notes:  “One of the first things I learned about Brazilian politics when I moved here was most people view politicians who jump from party to party as opportunists. Ciro Gomes himself switched parties 5 times- it’s probably one of the reasons he’s polling at 4%.”

Glen Greenwald works for Fox News where he is a regular paid pundit, and for his husband to be clear.  But what is interesting is the connection with the prosperity gospel.  And we see that GAB (they stick to their guns as a free speech platform and are to be admired for it), is creating a home for right-wing (and I use that in the common usage) Bolsonaristas, who, with the help of sleazeball Steve Bannon helped Bolsonaro into the presidential seat in 2018, with the help of the Christian coalitions.  GAB itself, by the testimony of its founder, stands by Christian Nationalism as its credo.

You can see why I will use the word, Crusaders.  And you will also note that these, the incoherent right, the incoherent left, the Christian prosperity coalitions connected with the USA Christian Nationalism and the deep-seated white supremacism that one invariably finds in those circles, are the building blocks for open fascism.  They are collecting the ones that feel disenfranchised but not for coherent reasons.  A similar rabble collected around Hitler historically.

Then, Brazilian politics is a complete mess.  Don’t ever interact with the groupings here on the level of detail.  It is just too much and they jump camps with monotonous regularity!  And just to keep this clean, although I make comments about GAB, I think that there are good Christian people with good Christian values and that includes the founder.  It is the idea and the ideology of Christian Nationalism that does not sit well with me.  And if you do have to respond to a Brazil detail question, the best way to go is to ask what they think of the riots and killings in Peru.–Public-Prosecutors-Office-20230113-0014.html

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Reply to  amarynth

Yes, authoritarianism is a dangerous catch-word.. The teleprompter and big-latte crowd need KISS talking points (in big bold colorful font) repeated “to propagate the propaganda” (© Dubya Bush), foremost within their own vacuous circles.. currently such a rote meme is [we’ll suicide Ukies and ourselves] “at all costs!” I agree… Read more »