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Getting tired of fighting Russia?

It is difficult to believe any words that come out of this man’s mouth, but I think sometimes these types leak a little, and they leak truth.  Take a look at the Ollie North interview that I posted on Daily Chronicles.  He has no shame and openly pours out the evil deeds done.

Now we have comments from the former Commander-in-Chief of the Joint Armed Forces of NATO in Europe, retired American General Wesley Clark.

He says a few interesting things and I think he is inadvertently pouring out the truth.

– The approach chosen by Washington to the situation around Ukraine leads to its gradual bleeding, the loss of the country’s most important infrastructure and industrial potential.

– “We are in the process of fueling a deadlock,” he said, referring to the US course towards Ukraine. “It does not meet our interests, but we are doing it. And in the course of this process, in military terms, we are bleeding Ukraine. They are suffering losses “They’re losing critical infrastructure. They’re losing their energy, they’re losing their industrial potential. And they’re losing their financial footing as a state. And we’re bleeding them out of it.”

– “At the same time, the Russians are changing the situation on the battlefield. They are significantly increasing their defense efforts. So the nature of the conflict will change,” Clark added. In this regard, he is confident that Washington should be more active in supplying the latest weapons to Kyiv, including artillery installations, multiple launch rocket systems and unmanned aerial vehicles. The retired general believes that this will allow the Ukrainian military to carry out offensive operations more successfully.

This last paragraph gives the plot away.  I’ve bolded what I thought was incredibly interesting.

“At the same time, Clarke stated: “We need to understand <…> what the position of the United States is. The bottom line is that our interests do not fully coincide with the interests of Ukraine. President [Vladimir] Zelensky said that he wants the entire territory of Ukraine to be returned. We in the United States,

– we want to stabilize the situation,

– reduce the chances of a conflict between NATO and Russia,

– keep as much of Ukraine as possible without starting a third world war, and

– focus on containing China.”

So, that is it.  That is the formula for the continuation of NATO.

But it also is a terrible recognition that they are beating their heads against a brick wall in Russia.  It is another terrible recognition, that they have no idea what they are dealing with in ‘containing China’.  There is a small part of humanity that seemingly has taken leave of its senses.