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Schrödinger’s Protests in China (updates)

First posted at Nov 28, 2022 at 08:03.  Updates in the comments.

An update and previous information is in the current Daily Chronicles.  Let’s draw the information together and I copy two pieces from the Daily Chronicles:

When did these protests start?

Well, they are ongoing.  It is both legal and customary for Chinese people in an area to gather and protest anything that their local government is deficient in. They would even ‘protest’ and give flowers if anyone has done anything exceptional. The local participation in their own local political sphere is very much ‘on the streets’.

This western attempt to destabilize China started shortly after Taiwan’s ruling party lost the local elections:

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has assumed all “responsibility” and stepped down as the head of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) following a series of election defeats to the opposition candidates, who focused their campaign on local issues and maintaining peace without being overly confrontational with Beijing.

On Saturday, the residents of Taiwan went to the polls to pick mayors in nine cities, as well as city council members and other local leaders all across the island. In a major defeat to the ruling party, the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) won key mayoral races in the capital city of Taipei, Taoyuan and Keelung, in addition to a string of other victories, leaving the DPP in control of only five out of the 21 local government offices, according to preliminary results.

“The results failed our expectations. We humbly accept the results and accept the Taiwanese people’s decision,” Tsai told reporters.

So the western China-Bad propaganda started in earnest (it has been there for a long while already) soon after the ruling Taiwan leadership lost their election.  These are the Nancy Pelosi lovers so we can know that for the US, this was a blow that could become fatal in their efforts to use Taiwan as a button to destabilize China.

But with valid protests going on as usual in China, the propagandists have a rich environment to draw propaganda from.  Here is a very valid protest:

Why now?

China’s Zero Covid policy was refined. The local authorities are under pressure to comply with the new methods. Bear in mind the Chinese Governance. It is not ‘Beijing’ per se that is responsible for carrying out local Covid regulations, but it is local governments. So, the western portrayal that the Covid protestors are asking for the removal of Xi Jinping is so much bunkum. Those are propagandized.

There was also an apartment fire. I don’t think I have the exact information on this but consulted with Jeff J Brown. I paraphrase and edit the conversation as an example of how we know that some of these protests are western-backed:

The main reason I would suggest is that China is not taking a knee for the hegemon.  We’ve seen the Germans visit which was a failure for the Germans, we’ve seen the American visit, which is usually a failure, we saw Nancy Pelosi visit Taiwan and now she, and the Taiwanese leadership of the time is hollowed out, we saw Xi Jinping taking the High Road at the G20 and followups, we saw him take Trudeau to the woodshed, we see the PICS countries and the ASEAN building relationship with China, we just saw the Kamela Harris visit to the Philipines fail.

Lies, Lies, Lies, and Damnable Liars – Yes, the ENTIRE WESTERN MEDIA LIES.

Today, they’re printing tons of stories – all fiction – about “protests” “sweeping” China regarding C-19 lockdowns. One of the “protests” that “broke out” was purportedly in Nanjing over the “Urumqi fire in Shanghai”.

1. There is no Urumqi factory in Shanghai. The Urumqi factory is in Xinxiang.

2. The Urumqi fire was on Sept. 1, 2011.

3. The “candlelight vigil” “protests” in Nanjing were actually commemorating the Nanjing massacre and appear to be held annually.

How do we know that some of these protests are western-backed?

  • If one reads the western media carefully and takes a look at the placards and the complaints – the Chinese languages are frequently just wrong on the placards that the mostly student protestors carry.
  • There is more western press than there is Chinese press
  • The western media has a full-on presence at any, even little, protest. It is almost as if they know where most students are going to gather
  • Western reporters are being arrested as ‘part of the protests’. Western media are not reporting, they are provoking
    Western media badmouth China’s epidemic like how Washington fans the flames in Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Western media reports are self-referential. They reference circularly. For example, the BBC will reference a downstream source that also belongs to the NYT. The major article on Zerohedge does this to perfection. There are no authentic Chinese voices on there – only circular references to other western media.
  • Some of the ‘white papers’, which is how the locals refer to the placards of the non-grassroots protests, are written in English
  • It is clear that the instigators here do not understand how Chinese governance actually functions.  They make demands on the white papers to ‘Beijing’ – mostly asking for Xi Jinping to step down.  Well, if there is a protest against the Central Government, it will be physically at the Central Government buildings – directly in front of the Great Hall of the People for example.  The local protests are local but this demand to Beijing is a dead giveaway of propaganda from people that do not understand the Chinese form of governance.
  • Most of this methodology we already saw in Hong Kong, during their year of western-backed protests.

Take a look at this beauty:

Here is an authentic Chinese voice and I would suggest you read the whole thread:

The Chinese person on the street recognizes that this is a provocation mechanism, hoping that China can be brought under hegemonic control by lighting fires on the street.  It will fail.

Zhao DaShuai 无条件爱国🇨🇳
Replying to
Vast majority of the people protesting simply wants the covid policy to change

However, there is a small minority of people that are using this as a stepping stone for regime change

These people are working directly with foreign journalists, so their voices are overrepresented

I am still fully in agreement with Brian Berletic:

Brian Berletic’s Newatlas Channel, [11/27/22 5:54 AM]
🇨🇳🇺🇸 Protests in China Organized by US-backed “journalists” Using Telegram Groups

Telegram groups set up by Chinese-based associates of Radio Free Asia, Epoch Times, the NYT, CNN, and others are organizing “protests” which are essentially PR stunts meant to trigger much wider unrest.

This comes at a time just as the US-backed Democratic Progress Party lost in elections in Taiwan.

I am also convinced that this little western effort will fail.  They do not know how China works and just the idea of changing the way of 1.4 Billion Chinese shows sheer desperation on the side of the hegemon.  What are they thinking?  They must be smoking something unreal.  Hence Schrödinger’s Protests – they are there but are they there?  Is a telegram protest in China alive or not?

The image on the left here is somewhat of a segue.  The US Americans are falling for this.  The image here comes from one of the large ‘patriot’ sites, where they want to convince one another that the current protests are directly to their own benefit and function according to their own thinking.  They think all protests everywhere comply with their own protests.   They think any protest works for their own objectives, i.e., the whole world protests for American objectives.   This is a huge problem.  I cropped out the name of this writer as I really have nothing personal and do not want to highlight the person.

Yeah, the ‘silence from our “president” is deafening for sure.  It is so that your country is creating the protests in Iran, now in China and surely in Brazil and the protests are against your tyrannical control of our whole world.

My bet is that China will not change its Zero Covid policy and will insist that local governments apply the changes.  Covid is running wild.  The Chinese government will control it.


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Thanks for the very comprehensive report 🙂 I am still a bit edgy… ‘they’ whoever the master mind is, use the symbol of ‘white paper’, which speaks volumes in chinese history. Now I confess I dunno if they were lucky or there are serious 5th column in china, say tw-separatist… Read more »