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Daily Chronicles
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Daily Chronicles
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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Daily Chronicles

The Daily Chronicles are snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Kindly also use it as an open thread.

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Next year we will move it up a notch.  But so far, with almost zero ‘marketing’, I am happy with the readership.  The stats say the top was on 2022-11-11 – when we had an astonishing number of 12,155 visitors.  Some of those on that day were bots, but under 100 – not too many.

OK, onto the work of the work.  You will need a cup of tea today as our world is busy.

The messy issue of a cap on the price of Russian oil is getting messier as we speak.  It is a question of dumb and dumber because whatever the EU tries to do, they step into their own sanctions.  At this moment, they are postponing for some period.  The issue here is that they have overstepped and broken and became enstrangled in their own sanctions in so many ways (ship-to-ship transfers whereby they redenominate the origin of the product and similar), that their own movements are now restricted.  It is good to remember that this whole brouhaha is not only crude oil but also refined product like diesel.  Tass had a piece whereby they explain the issues with LNG for example.  The principles are the same for all petroleum products.

So, we wait a while and see how this develops because something is going to fall down – something needs to give – It is a true Humpty Dumpty scene.

In addition, the street actions by various European countries against the sanctions regime are growing.  The pressure now is from all sides on the EU.

It is a bitter pill to swallow that many Northern Cold countries, like Russia, have heat and they have no problems with power generation.  These sanctioneers have sanctioned themselves into a hellish cold and non-productive hole.

NATO ‘parliament’ recognizes Russia as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

European Parliament also recognizes Russia as “State Sponsor of Terrorism”

So who cares, because 85% of the world pays no attention to this.  These are symbolic statements and not legal statements from but-hurt incapable pretend leaders.

Maria Zakharova shoots an arrow that hits the bulls-eye with a loud twack!  “I propose to recognize the European Parliament as a sponsor of idiocy.”

An interesting nexus is developing between the US and the west and in general the rest of the world.  This one is becoming so clear, that we can get our arms around it.  We know that the US is all over trying very hard to impress on anyone that they are still the owners of our world.  More and more these efforts are in vain and they are not successful.  Take note of a chaos article that I posted.  This is about all that they have left to work with – creating chaos.  Here is an article from Global Times, talking about the US trying to create chaos in the Gulf countries titled:

US can hardly find other kit other than coercion in its toolbox for Gulf countries.

And then the Kamela Harris efforts to destabilize and re-establish some kind of control in the area of the South China Seas:

Harris’ remarks in the Philippines ‘a petty move’ to inflame conflict over S.China Sea: experts.

As it became clear to me, it became clear to Pepe Escobar that the football world cup is a war:  He says:

A tactical masterpiece for the ages – very well explained.  Football as war by other means. Now imagine General Armageddon playing it on his chessboard.  And the Ukros don’t have a Messi.

One thing that Qatar is doing and doing well, is fiercely suppressing the LGBT symbolism on clothing, face-art and anything else.   The US team had to get new clothing, and the Germans, poor babies:  Another scandal broke out in the World Cup in Qatar. The plane of the German national team was denied in landing at Doha airport. It forced the players to land in neighboring Oman and transfer to the aircraft of local airlines. And the Germans would have flown without adventure, if not for the LGBT symbols on the fuselage.

There are more protests in Thailand.  Brian Berletic reports:

NEW VIDEO: Anti-China Protests in Thailand: Who is Behind them & Why? Searching for Asia’s “Zelensky”

As the US proxy war against Russia in Ukraine destroys a nation and destabilizes a region, similar meddling that preceded the 2014 coup in Kiev is unfolding across Southeast Asia and in particular, in Thailand.

Who is the “Zelensky” of Thailand? Documented evidence exposes the Thai opposition as a product of years of US interference all in a bid to pivot Thailand aways from its largest economic and trade partner – China – and transform it into a belligerent proxy against Beijing on Washington’s behalf.

The Ukraine – everyone believes that they know what is happening there.  But in reality, nobody has any clue what Russia is going to do next.  Commentators in general are talking about a major offensive.  I don’t know, perhaps the Ukraine is in a state where it will collapse internally just because the guts have been torn out of it.  Water and electricity provision is a problem everywhere in the Ukraine controlled parts.  But, perhaps they need some more missiles.  Today Russia is handing them more missiles:  Russia has apparently targeted Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in a new large-scale missile attack on Wednesday, striking multiple targets in the capital Kiev and elsewhere across the country.

What is called Ukraine Fatigue is visible in the rest of the world.

There is an issue though for discussion and this is how Russia is pacing the Ukrainian conflict in relation to the move to multi-polarity.  I think we can start making the argument that Russia is emaciating much of Europe and the US as well, in the process.  Now, that is quite a statement.  Ideas?  The West has ideas.  They simply produce fakes.  From the Russian MoD:

Western media reports about an alleged ‘recent’ conversation between Army General Valery Gerasimov, Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces of Russian Federation, and Rob Bauer, Chairman of NATO Military Committee, are fake

The Russian Defence Ministry has denied reports by Western media about an alleged recent conversation between the Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Army General Valeriy Gerasimov, and the chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, on the issue of safe vessel traffic in the Black Sea.

◽️ There have been no contacts, much less “systematic”, with the chairman of the NATO Military Committee or other representatives of the North Atlantic alliance within the framework of the non-existent “US-Russian Crisis Commission on Conflict Resolution”.

◽️ The published information about reaching some kind of “agreement” with NATO Military Committee Chairman Rob Bauer on “safe vessel traffic in the Black Sea” is a fiction from start to finish.

COP27: This deserves a short article and it will soon appear.

We are waiting for formal statements on the meeting of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) summit-

China draws another red line: