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OK, we may not have many here checking out the fútbal world cup. But there is a reason that I’m looking at it. So Ecuador beat Qatar today. But look at the header here. SOUTH AMERICA WINS OPENING GAME OF WORLD CUP. Having looked at these guys, there is not one Ecuadorian there but, we see a collective Global South spirit.

Out of the blue (from RT):

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev called a snap election Sunday in an attempt to secure his position as Kazakh leader.

Former President Nazarbayev was the first and only ruler since 🇰🇿 independence and served 5 consecutive terms. He had the national capital renamed in his own honour after his successor took office.

Tokayev, the 69-year-old former diplomat, will battle against 5 lesser-known candidates. He is expected to solidify his grip in power.

(I think I am on his side – for the only reason that he is a known entity to Russia)

Sunday Joke ..

There is so much sheer hatred around the Fútbal world cup in Qatar that even some of the lovers of the sport is getting into the politics.  The Latin Americans are trying to play the game .. the Europeans are fighting their fight.  Journalists are trying to beat up on the players.  Here is an example, where the Ecuadorian manager had to rescue his player.  Anyway, I have no dog in this fight and just want to watch a good game or two.

The new song is out for this world cup.  Am I wrong or is it boring?  There is no depth to the melody and even the baseline is just boring!  Prove me wrong lol!

Dear Heavens!  How can one even cope?  We have a new Rules Based International Order I kid you not!  Check it out …

US Pledges $66m to Philippines Before Key Talks with President

US troops will assist the building of training facilities, warehouses, and other facilities at 3 bases in the island nations as Washington seeks to address security challenges amid widening Chinese influence in the region.

The move comes before VP Kamala Harris’ planned visit to Palawan – an island China claims almost entirely. It will make her the highest-ranking US official ever to visit the island, with talks about security alliances and economic ties slated.

“This visit demonstrates the Biden–Harris administration’s commitment to stand with our Philippine ally in upholding the rules-based international maritime order,” a White House Official said. (NTD)


Sao Paulo Forum: Latin American and Caribbean Currency Proposed

As part of the expanded meeting of the São Paulo Forum working group, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, raised the need to open a debate to create an integrated multi-currency system for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“There are those who propose the use of a single currency; let’s debate it; it would be extraordinary,” asserted President Maduro, while explaining that Venezuela has experience with a multi-currency system, which has allowed the diversification of the economy of the Venezuelan people.

From the Ayacucho Hall of the Miraflores Palace, the head of state assured that the creation of a single currency of Latin America and the Caribbean is not ruled out “to be built through the debate in the agenda of the Forum.”

“We have to look inwards, towards our deepest America; there has to be a change in our behavior, in our leaders to hear and understand each other, to agree on the construction of a common economic space,” he pointed out.

He also highlighted the favorable scenario that is developing in Latin America. “We are facing a favorable wave for the peoples, for the anti-neoliberal model, for the advanced pro-independence model” while rejecting “the opprobrious systems of persecution, blockades and sanctions that some peoples of the world are experiencing.”

Note from Amarynth .. I’ve been saying this for a few years now … There is a deep and real change in this part of the world. 

Finally, he mentioned that the space of the São Paulo Forum must be a vanguard instance in formulating policies for America “and today more than ever because there is a change of epoch in world geopolitics.

Note from Amarynth:  Right, I’m joking here, but I can say .. they heard me!  I’ve been begging for the Amazon countries to get together and start sorting the problems out as a collective, as the Amazon is a collective.  Now, they are doing so.  The reason is simply that they are managing to fight off the neocons little bit by little bit.  Every piece that they gather back and regain from this scourge, is a piece of blue sky that is appearing for the LatAm countries.   

Petro and Lula’s Triumphs: A New Geopolitical Stage in Lat Am

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, highlighted that “the electoral victories of President Gustavo Petro in Colombia and President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva in Brazil open a new geopolitical age to Latin America.”

The Head of State made the statement during the extended meeting of the installation of the Working Group of the São Paulo Forum, where he also highlighted that it is a new opportunity “to build a new independence, to build new democracies, to end the neoliberal model and give the right to education, health, work, life and food to our people.”

The President highlighted the proposal of his Brazilian counterpart at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) to call for an urgent summit of the Amazonian countries of South America as part of the organization of the Amazon Treaty.

The President assured that he agrees that the summit should be held to save the Amazon “to recover, regenerate, reforest and save the Amazon.”

He emphasized that the issue of the Climate Crisis is a significant point of the Progressive Agenda, “we are suffering from it; we have had 45 days of endless, unusual rain, destruction in the northern coastal area, destruction in the Venezuelan Andes”.

Although these two positive statements on Latin America makes the heart glad, you now know why Bolivia is currently fighting off another coup, and Nicaragua is continually under pressure.

You will also understand why neocon organizations such as this are trying to muscle in on Mexico first.


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4 months ago

It would be an amazing idea to create a currency within the countries that share what I would call “Amazonia” (Amazonian rainforest). What Maduro proposes would be a great start.

4 months ago

Is it OK to use these ‘Daily Chronicles’ as a Cafe or Open Thread? The “covid-19 experience” really is the culmination of the millennia-long messianic impetus. Cutting edge-tech meets the inner space of the human body in the ultimate challenge of trying to shape human will itself. Much of the… Read more »

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Questionable Charecter
Questionable Charecter
4 months ago

The last I heard, from chi-com state news channels, Phil and Chi, in open press conference, Marcos told XJP he wont allow any foreign military bases under his time, to guard the sovereignty of Phil, of which, XJP, sat up a bit and lean forward to listen more…Saw a photo,… Read more »

4 months ago

I have to re-post and share this –> War Monitor @WarMonitors· 3m ago· Medvedev, in response to Ukrainian claims to Crimea, said that Kiev is also a Russian city.

Last edited 4 months ago by QC?
4 months ago

Good Recommended Read 🙂 –> The upside-down world of currency · Nov 17, 2022 · Alasdair Macleod · · be well be safe

4 months ago

smoothie has a good one the latest –> Prosopagnosia –> <– pay attention toward the end where he expressed abit more ‘liberal personal views’ 🙂 I will jut add another observation –> Rus MIC not only are 99% in-house (from resource to production to design to manufacturing ++) +… Read more »