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Next on the election cycle: Brazil

The run-off election between Bolsonaro and Lula is scheduled for Sunday, the 30th. At the previous election, the two parties ended up with Bolsonaro at 43.2 percent of the vote and Lula at 48.4 percent, maintaining a lead, but by a smaller margin than expected.

So far, it was a brutal time with Bolsonaro being accused of being a pedophile (and according to what I could see, he did like and visit that little 14-year old), and Lula being accused of being a communist. The Bolsonaro team channels their Christian Rightist side again and their election gatherings ‘stand with God’ and ‘against communism’. Bolsonaro and his wife Michelle who has become visible on all Christian platforms, busily presenting Bolsonaro as a gift to the world, are desperately battling it out for the Evangelical and other Christian vote.

Political debate in Brazil is being reduced to “Christians” vs “Communists” by Jair Bolsonaro’s campaign, with no room for discussion of proposals for government policy, projects and programs.

The second plank of Bolsonaro’s theme and strategy, is to continuously refer to and emphasize Lula’s ties to the leaders of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela “among other dictators.”

Reasonable analysts consider this election at its core one of stability and economic factors.

Lula campaigns on jobs, security, and social development. The landless people’s movement makes the most sense to me:

Apologies, this has few subtitles, but it demonstrates precisely Lula’s election stance:

And here you can see the basic impossibility of having clean debates in Brazil.

As a weather report, one can summarize: messy with deep uncertainty.

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Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
4 months ago

Thanks, Amarynth… a fascinating battle.

I haven’t yet seen Pepe weigh in… it would be great to get his take on it all!