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A Mini-Guide to the CPC National Congress

This will be a huge congress.  I hesitate to make predictions but for those that don’t know, here is how it works.

On Wednesday, China’s Party elite wrapped up the seventh and final plenary session of the 19th Central Committee.  Traditionally, the seventh plenum completes preparations for an upcoming National Party Congress (NPC), and sums up the Party’s achievements during the five years since the last NPC.

Xi Jinping briefed comrades on the work report he plans to deliver at the opening of the 20th NPC this Sunday.  Xi gave no hints as to the substance of his work report planned for tomorrow.

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5 months ago

Who are the principal Komsomol trying to dethrone Xi Jinping? Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangdong supposedly the breeding ground for these liberals who lean to the West. I find it very hard to pinpoint them. Xi has been effective in blocking them since 2012, but he has major economy issues domestically that… Read more »