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Haiti – A Paradise for State Crime
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Daily Chronicles … Open Thread Feb 26
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Daily Chronicles … Open Thread Feb 26
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Haiti – A Paradise for State Crime
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Haiti – A Paradise for State Crime
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Daily Chronicles … Open Thread Feb 26
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Daily Chronicles … Open Thread Feb 26
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Daily Chronicles … Open Thread Feb 26
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Daily Chronicles

Daily Chronicles presents snippets of the most important news across the world for this and each day as it rolls in. Check back frequently. To find the previous Daily Chronicles, use the search function on the top line and search for Daily Chronicles.

Site Business:  I’ve had two proposals.  One is to change this site into a kind of a club, and the other is to open a space for arts, music, poets and so on.  On the art, music poets and so on, the space is already there, and it is part of the new commenting system which I’ve turned off for now.  There were too many questionable comments (toxic sludge) and I put everything back on moderated comments.  It looks better now, and the plan for this coming week is to re-institute the commenting system where we can post images and creative visuals.  On a kind of a club, I have to go back and discuss this with the one who proposed it.  In general, for a new site, where the first posting appeared only on August 10th, I’m happy with the stats, given that I’ve spent exactly zero time promoting.  The most conversation still happens in my email, and there are reasons for that.  Let the dust settle.

I’ve not seen anything new that is world-changing in the previous 24 hours.  Yet, the process of multi-polarity continues.

Feel free to use the Daily Chronicles as an open thread.


It is so worthwhile to listen to Clare Daly and take in a few of her latest short speeches to the European Parliament.

Oct. 6th – Thanks for the ‘site business’ comments.  I will pick this up as time allows.  Much appreciated!

Generally, the sense is that we’re still dragging through sno’drifts or floundering through mud.

The SMO’ish/war’ish operation in the Ukraine has not yet formed fully for the next phase but in general, political issues are droning it out to some extent now.  Small and heavy battles abound and it is the old sequence .. the Ukrainians try to push for a breakthrough somewhere on the front, they get killed by the hundreds, they still shell into the new Russian areas, and slowly Russia is demolishing them – day after day and night after night.

Zelenski is past his sell-by date and his popularity is waning.  Weapons delivery is also waning.  Money still flows copiously but mostly from the US.

A delegation of Azov Nazi’s is touring the US and getting to speak to the congress.  From the Grayzone:  Now, All of You Are Azov’: ‘openly neo-Nazi’ Ukrainian delegation meets Congress, tours US

Who is going to be involved in the restoration of the new Russian areas in the Ukraine?  You may be very surprised and this is a multipolar signal to get another country to help itself by giving it work.

“The DPR is considering the possibility of the participation of the DPRK in the restoration of the Republic, said the Chairman of the Government of the DPR Vitaly Khotsenko.

Previously he had also made statements about the restoration of Mariupol:
• The DPR plans to restore the Ilyich Metallurgical plant;
• The airport terminal can be demolished and a new building built, the runways will be upgraded;
• The airport and airfield have not actually been operated since 2014”

North Korea is also shooting intercontinental ballistic missiles right across Japan while the annual war games with the US and South Korea continue.   They may have shot four or five now.

Yesterday and today – All barrels are not full of oil.

Russian Deputy Chairman Alexander Novak’s main statements after the OPEC meeting:

– Russia will continue to supply oil only to those consumers who provide market pricing mechanisms; introducing price ceilings on Russian oil violates all market mechanisms, is disastrous for the global oil industry;

– the decision of OPEC to reduce oil production is unprecedented, due to the need to balance the market, budget of the Russian Federation is calculated based on oil prices of $70 per barrel;

  • investigation of sabotage on Nord Stream gas pipelines to Europe should take place with Russian participation.

Very interesting:

Patrushev held a security meeting in Crimea

The main statements of the head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation:

▫️In Crimea, there is an increased risk of sabotage at transport infrastructure facilities ( apparantly bridges and railway tracks)
▫️during this year, 12 terrorist attacks were prevented in Crimea, at the same time, three acts of terrorism were committed;
▫️a serious threat in the Black Sea is the activity of NATO countries and Ukrainian mines, as well as underwater drones;
▫️The West is trying to stir up new conflicts around the perimeter of nuclear powers such as the Russian Federation and China;
▫️The United States plans to solve all its economic problems with military conflicts, including a huge public debt which is more than $ 30 trillion;
▫️attempts to negotiate with the Russian Federation were thwarted by Ukraine on the orders of patrons from the United States;
▫️we do not consider the Kyiv regime as a legitimate representative of the Ukrainians, as it seized power as a result of a coup,

Washington’s doctrine, based on unlimited selfishness, leads to the suffering of all mankind.

We’re being entertained with Elon Musk’s so-called peace proposal.  The Ukies are viciously kneejerking about this, and Musk is going to end up on the Myrotvorets or Mirotvorets kill list, described as a Ukrainian open source investigation website and NGO.  It is actually a proposed kill list.

Do remember, Musk is not your friend.  What he is doing now with his peace proposal, is to protect his Starlink satellite network in space, as he does not know whether Russia plans to turn them into space dust.

On the economic side, where Michael Hudson has been stating that we need a complete and robust new system, I don’t yet see enough to make me happy.  On the SCO side, the main mechanism remains payment in national currencies and special banking accounts are created for this in the World Order Z enlightened countries.  Even special banks are created for this, outside of the reach of the long arm of sanctions.  On the sanctions side, there is a clear walking backward going on, but this is hidden, as nobody in the EU wants to come clean and say that they are reducing sanctions.

A China update will be posted today.  We’re coming up on the Chinese 20th CPC National Congress in mid-October.  Expectations are that Xi Jinping will remain the leader for an unprecedented 3rd term.

The general expectation throughout the Russian and pro-Russian sources is that once President Putin signs the final documents (probably today says Peskov), all hell will break loose in the Ukraine.  I will wait and see as I’ve never been able to out-guess the Russian General Staff and I don’t know what the next step will be.   In the meantime, the pro-Russian and Russian netizens are expressing a loss of confidence, specifically that the Russian General Staff does not understand what is happening on the front lines.  There is no understanding as to why Russian forces do not maintain already free territories and post-haste send forces to protect them.  This narrative talks about ‘stepping on the same rake’ over and over again.  Gerasimov and others are being scrutinized.  This is serious and even if it is only an emotional lash-back, confidence building is again necessary.  We will see.  This narrative (and it is narrative) must be satisfied in some way or another and these people must be made confident again.  Currently, they are talking the same talk as the massive Ukrainian and western bot-armies out there.  I wanted to give an example but decided against that as I do not want to give them breathing space.  Let’s give breathing space to someone that displays strong feelings, but on the right side.

Uhm, too big to embed, so I’ll copy: “Well, I struggled to even draw an arrow pointing to the spec of blue everyone is losing it over. Christ, so many of you are spineless cowards. Faithless. I’m dissapointed to even share a space with many of you.

What a complete and total lack of resolve in some of you. If any of you were soldiers at the front, I’d put a bullet in the back of your head myself. Absolutely good for nothing mob.”

Berletic with his fine ability with the English tongue, expressed it as follows:

When Russia advances, they do so at the expense of Ukrainian forces while preserving their own.

When Ukraine advances they do so at the expense of Ukrainian forces while Russia preserves their own.

Russians are not fighting for territory at this point in time – they are preserving their forces while destroying the finite reserves Ukraine has assembled for these large-scale offensives.

Asking every day/hour about Kharkov, Lyman, Kherson – this village and that village – while ignoring the logistical and sustainment cliff Ukraine’s forces are hurdling over means you don’t get it and probably won’t at this point.

Meanwhile those panicking and in hysterics are rendering themselves in service of Western propaganda – creating anger, tension, division is the whole purpose of this offensive that otherwise is unsustainable and incapable of delivering “victory” militarily.

The US biological laboratories discovered in Ukraine and the pandemic became the reason for the creation of a new unit of the collective forces of the CSTO.  Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff Anatoly Sidorov spoke about the specifics of the exercises in Kazakhstan and the situation in the regions of collective security.  For the first time, a joint unit of radiation, biological, chemical protection and medical support participates in the CSTO exercises.

Sadly, the truce in Yemen is over, without much progress.

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1 year ago

thank you for these daily chronicles. renovating the site to a club seems redundant, sites invariably evolve into loose or closed haunts & clubs of one sort or another. the tone, shade & colour of the site inevitably reflect the nature, intellect & soul of the moderator. moa & the… Read more »

Steve from Oz
Steve from Oz
1 year ago
Reply to  emersonreturn

Nicley put !

1 year ago
Reply to  emersonreturn

and a semi-permanent thread like the saker community site, changed once a season unless it overruns.

North East
1 year ago

Third proposal / feature request: a permanent open thread…..a bistro section. There’s no patent as far as I know. Hehehe. I think the reason Starlink remains unscathed – so far – is that it falls under the category of infrastructure. Starlink’s status may change if it’s found that NATO is… Read more »