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Sergei Lavrov: UNGA speech and press conference

Speech and press conference

The press conference is here:

Point summary of speech:

“The Future of the World Order Being Decided Today” – Russian FM Lavrov

Foreign Minister Lavrov has stressed it’s either one dominant nation, or the route Moscow is taking to end a world of blackmail, intimidation and undesirables.

📍Instead of dialogue & compromise, there is disinformation, crude dramatisation & provocation
📍West undermines trust in intl justice
📍Unipolar world serves “golden billion” at expense of Asia, Africa and Latin America – this is going to end
📍Washington creates geopolitical process to retain its dominance – thinks it’s “Lord God on Earth”
📍We all remember Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya – far from US shores where hundreds of thousands died
📍Name one country US entered by force and life became better
📍Illegal sanctions are political blackmail – deny civilians essential goods

Lavrov on Conflict & Crises – UNGA Address

Washington and Brussels aggravated a crisis by declaring economic war on Russia. The result has been soaring prices for food, fertilizer, oil and gas:

📍300,000 tonnes of grain were kept in European ports – Russia offered them to Africa for FREE
📍West openly intent on not only Russian military defeat, but destruction of geopolitical magnitude
📍For years, Russia tried to create buffer zones for security
📍Western incompetence, Kiev’s war against its own people left Russia no choice but to protect Russians in Donbass
📍Operation complies with UN Charter Article 51 on mutual assistance treaty
📍Zelensky in Aug 2021 told people in these regions to “get out to Russia”
📍NATO declared Russia immediate threat en route to total US dominance, China long-term
📍Russia wants UNSC expansion to include India, Brazil – increase profile of Africa
📍Attempts being made to hide US biological programmes around the world