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Here Comes China
godfree roberts is always informative, usually mind blowing,...
Daily Chronicles
Daily Chronicles
If you need any further evidence that we live in a truly sic...
Tomorrow starts the US Summit for Democracy©
I don’t think summit is by definition a bad word. Her...
Tomorrow starts the US Summit for Democracy©
Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s comment (ht...
Tomorrow starts the US Summit for Democracy©
As I read the article it just dawned on me that when Xi Xing...
Tomorrow starts the US Summit for Democracy©
Well said! You are right. It is term of exceptionalism. Enou...
Patrushev: Have they completely lost their fear?
patrushev is speaking directly to empire. i appreciate bein...
Daily Chronicles
“They blame those who remain silent, they blame those ...
Radhika Desai & Michael Hudson
public banking has long been a dream, ellen brown is an auth...

Daily Chronicles: Theme, the wider view

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Feel free to use it as an open thread.

Lavrov is pulling all the masks off! Sorry, too fast to report! “The matter of the future world order is being decided today.”

But in the overall speeches of this morning, he is not saying anything that others have not said.  He is just beating his shoe on the podium in a manner of speaking!

OK, RT India has some fast typing people.

Instead of dialogue & compromise, there is disinformation, crude dramatisation & provocation
📍West undermines trust in intl justice
📍Unipolar world serves “golden billion” at expense of Asia, Africa and Latin America – this is going to end
📍Washington creates geopolitical process to retain its dominance – thinks it’s “Lord God on Earth”
📍We all remember Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Libya – far from US shores where hundreds of thousands died
📍Name one country US entered by force and life became better
📍Illegal sanctions are political blackmail – deny civilians essential goods

Press conference:

Sept. 24 – For me this day is all about Lavrov’s address to the UNGA and subsequent news conference.  Overall the referenda (Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk, and Zaporozhye) are proceeding with much joy, the partial conscription is proceeding accurately and as far as I can judge, with very little SNAFU and much general support from the Russian population.  That support is echoed throughout the world.

Commentary is overwhelming from all corners of our planet.  All eyes are on Russia!.

For now, let’s take a look at Pepe Escobar:


Yesterday, on the first day of the Baby Bear referendums – real, direct democracy in action – the territory of the LPR was hit at least 4 times.

Targets: the administration of the Izotov mine village near Horlivka; the town of Stakhanov (not on the front line); a hotel and residential buildings in Rubizhne; and a market in Novaya Kakhovka.

They were all hit by HIMARS.

Translation: they were hit by the Pentagon.

EVERYTHING any agency of the USG says about the US “not wanting a war with Russia” is BULLSHIT.


and one more:


Oh dear. Just when we thought that Le Petit Roi was winning against the Krauts in the stiff competition to be crowned Supreme EUROStupid Eurocrat, another contender comes running from left field.

Pustula von der Lugen, of course, is out of competition because she is in a class by herself.

So here’s Charles Michel, the unelected sub-specimen heading the European Council:

He wants the US to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council on the grounds of starting an “unprovoked and unjustified war.”

Hang on a minute: so now unelected Trojan Horse bureaucrats from a Kafkaesque maze basically invented by the Americans ask the Americans to expel a third nation – which happens to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

And then one wonders why anyone with a functioning brain would love to see these specimens havin’ a face to face interview with Madame Guillotine.

Other news to keep an eye on:
1) Street action in Iran (conflicting reports here)
2) Brazilian election on the 2nd of October
3) Italy’s snap election tomorrow

Sept. 23 – I was wondering if Lavrov would make an address at the UNGA.  According to TASS and quoting Zakharova: Lavrov to address UN GA on Saturday.

“Tomorrow Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov will set the tone with his speech at the General Assembly. Don’t miss it. After addressing the General Assembly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will give a news conference where he will answer a huge number of questions. It will be interesting, and I believe, very hot,” From Maria Zakharova

Live here:

Sept. 23 – Referenda voting has started:  Residents in Donetsk, Kherson, Lugansk and Zaporozhye regions can now cast their votes on the simple ‘yes or no’ question – should they join the Russian Federation.  Polling stations will be open until Sept 27.  Voting is happening in Russia as well.   In the Donbass election officials are going house to house so that there are no visible polling stations to shell.

As people across Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson & Zaporozhye regions head to the polling stations to determine their future, RT brings you special coverage.

There is special coverage from RT on Rumble: ( live.

This is earth shattering.  After voting results are tabulated, next week just after the 27th, and Russia agrees to take the territories formally, I do not even at this stage want to speculate what will happen if any firepower is directed into these areas.  Dmitry Peskov commented this morning: “We see NO reason to resume negotiations with Ukraine, in case of accession of Donbass and South Ukraine regions following referendum, if Kiev attacks these territories then the Russian Constitution will apply – Kremlin Spokesman Peskov.

In the mean time, the SMO continues.

And a fake narrative runs wild – From ASB military news:

We have spoken with 2 individuals from Russia who have undergone military training but are currently students at universities — they contacted the enlistment offices and asked if they should sign up for mobilization, as you saw on a few videos from Russia people calling the offices and being told “no, if you haven’t received a written invitation, you are not being drafted.”
— they had the same experience.

The mobilization is orderly. European countries themselves confirm no activity at Russian borders. The “masses of people fleeing Russia from mobilization” narrative is fake.

Sept. 23 – Conscription:  ✊The conscription plan in Chechnya has been over-fulfilled by 254% due to the formation of new military units, Ramzan Kadyrov said. He also noted the presence in the republic of a reserve of thousands of volunteers who, if necessary, “will be able to join the ranks of the defenders of the Fatherland.”

Sept. 23 – I discussed Biden’s UNGA speech in short here:

Ben Norton expanded and says: In mind-blowingly hypocritical UN speech, Biden tries to rewrite history.  In order to believe the absurd lies and propaganda Joe Biden spewed in his UN speech, you would have to be from another planet.

Sept. 23 – This is surely a reaction after that nauseating speech.

China demands end of US theft of Syrian resources – (

The People’s Republic of China called on the US government to stop the plundering of Syria’s oil resources, in a press statement on 22 September.

“We call on the United States to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, unilaterally lift sanctions, and end the theft of Syria’s national resources,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin in a news briefing.

The call made by the Asian giant comes in light of repeated news that US armed forces have transported oil out of Hasakah governorate to military bases in Iraq.

The Syrian foreign ministry revealed the oil sector has incurred losses of at least $107.1 billion since the start of the US-sponsored war in 2011.

But there is more reaction from China.  Those that think China is not talking, well, they are yelling it out!

US hijacks UNGA to stage anti-Russia slamming campaign, urged to walk the talk when Biden claims ‘not seeking cold war’

Economically as well.  If you’re a follower of Michael Hudson’s work, you will know how rate changes in the US affect other countries.  China’s bullhorn media is talking openly now.  US gambles on aggressive rate hikes, stoking fears of unbearable repercussions

Sept. 23 – Russian and Chinese combat ships continue joint policing in Pacific Ocean

Servicemen practice maneuvers within various orders and establish communications among the ships, anti-submarine measures, search and rescue, as well as organizing detachments’ air defense, flights by shipborne anti-submarine and rescue helicopters.

Despite complicated meteorological environment, the detachments from both countries have passed over 3,000 nautic miles within 12 days.

Sept. 23 – This is too funny.

The White House has confirmed it’s suspending the use of the term “Special Relationship” – first coined by Winston Churchill.

The bond is seemingly disintegrating on both sides of the Atlantic too, with Liz Truss, like her predecessor BoJo, reportedly keen on dropping the term – because it portrays Britain as “needy and weak”. (Independent)  Last year Truss called London’s relationship with Washington “special but not exclusive”. Open relationships never last?

Are they realizing that they have very few ‘special relationships’ left in the world?

Sept. 23 – Here is another funny.  I have not been able to find the direct reports from Zakharova but I don’t doubt the content.  Remember before Putin declared partial conscription we saw that he refused to take calls from Macron for example.  I cannot remember the German situation.  Now, at the UNGA, the representatives of both France and Germany were instructed not to interact with Mr. Lavrov.  Despite that, both Germany and France are making multiple requests at UNGA to please please arrange meetings with Lavrov.  So far, he is ignoring these requests.  I don’t know for how long, but at the moment they are in the freezer while Lavrov is meeting literally with the whole world.  Just keep an eye on his schedule – his pace is grueling.

UPDATE:  Good to find that this story seems valid.  Russian Foreign Ministry says requests from Western delegations to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov have disappeared off the radar, they’ve apparently received command to go silent from Washington.

Sept. 23 – Clown show continues: EU is very quietly lifting a ban on coal and timber purchases from Russia.  This comes from the Sirius Report.

Sept. 23 – And then there is this spectacular example of western democracy:  Corrupted unelected bureaucrat Von der Leyen threatens the Italians: “We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary.”

Is there a name for this kind of coercion?  I think there is.  In a narrow sense, it is fascism, racism, nazi’ism and a very sick combination of those.  I can think of a few words in the broader sense as well, but they don’t go well in a public format.

Sept. 23 – Some spook business:

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6 months ago

I like that Spook Business category. Keep it active. Probably not to hard if commenters contribute. The US destabilization operations are prolific. Caucasus, Central Asia, Iran, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, most of Africa, Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, Argentina, all of EU, North Africa, Middle East. They even look to shake… Read more »

Col...'the farmer from NZ'
Col...'the farmer from NZ'
6 months ago

Great commentary Amarynth… you are indeed a treasure! Natostan is in panic mode now, but nevertheless they still moronically persist in believing their own bullshit. All the while they are very busy ignoring the fact that the western kleptocrats have already lost the financial battle. The 90% of the world’s… Read more »

6 months ago

Yes, I second thanks! Keep on keeping on Mrs.A “Open relationships never last?” I caught that [fitting] double-entendre! What else can one say about the serially promiscuous?? Mrs. A, our colleague Patricia made an excellent point about the panic behind the referenda. It shreds all the quicker the Narrative holding… Read more »

Silent Reader
Silent Reader
6 months ago

At first I liked when pepe coined the von der lugen thing, today I litteraly rotfl when I saw his pustula thing. Pustula Von Der Lugen, the new baddie in the next, or not, disney movie.

6 months ago

“a Kafkaesque maze basically invented by the Americans —–“. I downloaded the following document from Tony Goslings website, (, sometime back in the run up to the Brexit referendum. Entitled:- Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft – Berlin 1942, (The European Economic Community). — ‎ –. This copy is in english. It is still… Read more »

6 months ago

Amarynth: Thanks for your reply. — My point of view is that the EWG doc. is genuine and is the basis of the formation of the EU. Subsequently, I share the reviewers POV. Tony Goslings’ site is — —- . The doc. in question , — — is working… Read more »