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The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
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The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
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Michael Hudson & Danny Haiphong: BRICS, de-dollarization, banking crisis, multipolarity
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The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
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The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
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The Capital of the Multipolar World: A Moscow Diary
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Daily Chronicles
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Partial Mobilization, UNGA, Noise vs Serious

By this time we all know that President Putin announced partial mobilization in Russia, China has put their military troops on a higher level of readiness, four areas in Ukraine will start voting to join Russia as soon as tomorrow.

We should remember, mobilization in Russia was announced only three times in history. July 18, 1914, June 23, 1941 and September 21, 2022. Is there actually anything more to say given those dates?

The partial mobilization as well as the organization for referenda in the Ukraine of the areas voting to return to Russia, is going smoothly and to all accounts and purposes very well organized, which of course indicates that the plan has been ‘planned’ for a period of time already. Organization takes time, and here it is coming together tout de suite.

There are also protests against this partial mobilization and I ask you with tears in my eyes, why do these young women think that flashing their boobs will accomplish anything? Look for the video, giggly adolescents flashing their boobs. Ladies! you are not serious! This is then the end analysis of the protests: They Are Not Serious and some arrests have taken place. Some video footage here:

Among everything else, there was a prisoner exchange that really upset some Russians as they feel it was not a fair exchange. Here is Evgeny Poddubny, a Russian military reporter:

Since this already leaked into the public field… Regarding the lack of information about the exchange, I can say that such negotiations love silence. And the state has the right not to inform the public about the course of these negotiations. Such are the rules of the game.

I have said more than once, to get our guys out of hell, you can change them at least the hell of a bald man. And it is. 87 soldiers and officers, 87 of our Heroes. And spit on image loss. Although, with certain approaches, it would be fashionable to avoid these losses.

In Ukrainian captivity, people get literally broken, beaten to death, kneaded into a bloody bowl. And to me personally, 1 of our soldiers is more precious than any Nazi bastard. The leaders of Azov will remain in Turkey until the end of hostilities in the status of internees, Erdogan said. I hope so. I did not cover the fighting in Mariupol, but I understand the righteous anger of many fighters. But, guys, 87 lives have been saved, 87 boys are at home. Wives, children, mothers, fathers, who did not expect to see them alive, will at one moment become happy again. And in my opinion, it’s worth it. For the sake of 87 of our heroes, you can change anyone. Do not wring your hands, they say, Azov people, Medvedchuk … Just think about the fact that 87 of our guys are alive.”

The Azov battalion leaders that were released are only changing the place of their incarceration. One has to assume that they’ve been squeezed dry of all and any intelligence by now, and Turkey will keep them under the status of internees, remaining prisoners of war, only now in a Turkish jail.  The Russians by all accounts follow humanitarian principles in relation to war detainees.  If I was these Azovs, I would be really worried about Turkish jail.  At the end of the war, their status will be determined.

So, the prisoner exchange only contributes to the noise level, but it is not of high importance. Of course for the soldiers returning home and getting medical treatment, but in the big scheme of things, prisoner exchanges happen in wartime.

You may all know that I do not trust Scott Ritter and always say one has to ensure that he does not talk you into a position where you do not want to be (Nato background and spook and a bent for Hollywoodish descriptive stories? that says it all).  There are questions that people ask.  These questions in our general sphere are routinely suppressed and asking these soon get you labeled as an armchair warrior or otherwise insulted.  Here is a young Russian guy that asked Scott Ritter for advice as to what to do in relation to conscription.  This tells us two things:  1) Russia is still not doing enough to explain the circumstances to their population, and 2) Scott Ritter is somewhat of a two-edged sword as a professional commentator.  Taken on face value, he did a good job here in this 23 minute video.  I like it that this young Russian guy opened up the unasked questions and take a look at the sheer relief on his face when his questions were answered:

The war for the UN

UNGA is a pressure cooker.  The collective west is in full voice, doing their usual, offering bribe money, threatening and generally continuing with a destabilization campaign mainly based on memes.  They use the words “nuclear war”, and like obedient lapdogs one after the other declare their abiding support for Zelenski and Ukraine.  They are losing and the smell of that permeates everything happening at the UN.  Mr Lavrov though is calmly continuing with his meetings and discussions planned.  Russia is working short-staffed as the delegations were not all given visas.  On September 21, Sergey Lavrov arrived at the United Nations Headquarters in New York to participate in the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly.  Lavrov’s program and working schedule is packed.

• Working meeting of CSTO ( Foreign Ministers
• Talks with President of the CAR ( Faustin-Archange Touadéra and President of Switzerland ( Ignazio Cassis
• Meetings with Ministers of Foreign Affairs of China (, Brazil (, Bolivia ( and Egypt
(• Meetings with President of the ICRC ( Peter Maurer and IAEA ( Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi
• Meeting in the Astana Format
(• The signing of The Inter-Ministerial Consultations Plan between the Foreign Ministries of Russia and Venezuela
(• Talks with President ( of the 77th UNGA session Csaba Kőrösi

If you scroll through the Russian MFA telegram channel, you will see Mr Lavrov’s program.  He is meeting with everyone. 

There is a mini-war happening for influence over countries at the UNGA.  Much controversy is unmasked and the UNSC will grow, as the developing nations now have their own power bases and they insist on entry to this august body.  This needs another column and it will be written.  It is quite a difficult task to select the quotes from the collective west because it is a circus and all seriousness from this cabal has left the room.  The UNGA started when the territories of the Ukraine announced referenda and Putin announced partial mobilization.  The collective west are in a crazy state.  Biden’s Lyin’ Speechifyin’ left one agast and in a state of cognitive dissonance.  “You cannot seize a nation’s territory by force,”  he says while the US has one-third of Syria in a hard lock and steals their oil and grains.  “Russia shamelessly violated the basic principles of the UN charter” while his administration is the king of a rules-based international order violating principles daily. “Putin made reckless nuclear threats” while Putin did not make one nuclear threat.  “US wants war in Ukraine to end on fair terms” Biden states.  It sounds so good, does it not? while arming Ukraine.  And the one that takes the cake:  “The US is not looking for conflict with China”.  If I state that every single sentence was a lie, I would be able to justify such a comment because it simply was so.

Examples of flying rhetoric:

“… various retired idiots with generals’ stripes do not need to scare us with talk about a NATO strike on Crimea. Hypersonics are guaranteed to be able to reach targets in Europe and the United States much faster.  Dmitry Medvedev.

Vladimir Putin is more dangerous than ever – New York Times

Everyone must put maximum pressure on Putin to stop the war – Macron  (Putin reportedly is not taking Macron’s calls so there is no serious pressure except the pressure that Macron himself feels).

In reality, President Putin is not at the UN, but to call on an old joke, he lives rent-free in everyone’s heads.  EU Foreign Ministers will meet on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday evening to discuss the situation around Ukraine and Putin’s address.  We’ve always said that Russia lost the rhetorical and the propaganda wars, but this is fast changing and in our climes, every now and again as people read, the cry goes up:  Viva Putin!

But the collective west does not have a strategy or a plan any longer and they just make unpredictable decisions on the fly. They have nothing left to offer the world but sanctions, rhetoric, and propaganda.  There are no more democracies in the true sense of the word in the west.  I still do not know if Europe realizes the depth of its own crisis.  Ongoing pressure on Russia is neither a strategy nor a plan.

So, what is important among all the noise?

1) Putin left Kiev no choice, and therefore the Armed Forces of Ukraine will now go on suicidal attacks.  The next few weeks at the front are expected to be hot, with terrorism taking over at a much higher pace.

2) Lavrov’s statement that The United States, in fact, is teetering on the brink of turning into a party to the conflict.

3) The Chinese re-organization of their military forces clearly getting battle-ready.  “(The military) should conscientiously summarize and apply the successful experience of reform, grasp the new situation and mission requirements, (and) focus on preparing for war.” Xi Jinping.

4) This UNGA is important, because of the mini-war for influence over countries and where countries are desperately seeking ‘a good deal’ between the major powers.  Some still do not understand that this change on our planet depends on internal fortitude of populations, the strength of leadership, clarity of vision and certainly not on who can offer a ‘good deal’.

5)In the economy, deindustrialization is underway in Europe.  It matters not any longer what Central Banks do, and what liquidity is being pumped in where.  These actions are illusionary.  Paul from the Sirius report states that “It is what’s happening in the real world now that’s reshaping economies, the financial system, and societies. As ever you can’t print energy, food, and commodities.

6) This!  Because we are watching how the world is turning to a war footing and possible war budgets.

From September 26 to October 8, 2022, exercises with the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces of the CSTO “Interaction-2022”, “Search-2022”, “Echelon-2022” will take place in Zhambyl and Almaty regions.  This will happen in Kahzakstan and movement of military contingents, issues of curfew service, air defense, and comprehensive support will be worked out.

“I assume that we’re leaving the phase of the special military operation and approaching a major armed conflict, and now the question becomes where is the line, and whether after a certain time – maybe a month or two, even – we will enter a great world conflict not seen since the Second World War.”  Serbia’s Vucic, in NY for the UNGA, ominously nails it.

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6 months ago

thank you, amaranth, for the work you do. this is fast becoming my goto simply b/c you lay out all the latest info i am seeking & your slant usually opens avenues i am eager to investigate or @ least stroll along. iran’s entry/coming out is very much appreciated. i… Read more »

Salty Dawg
Salty Dawg
6 months ago

I agree with emersonreturn … this is my go to place to watch what is happening in the Global South. Amarynth, your analyses are often prescient and get born out later. So you can quite validly tout “you heard it here first”. Keep up the good work.