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Ukraine: The “Ramstein” Offensive

By Lone Wolf


On September 6, 2022, Ukraine’s AFU launched an offensive in the Kharkiv oblast. The offensive is ongoing, and despite sketchy information, so far, the offensive overall favors Ukraine. While we wait for more solid news on the military side, we can explore the background for this offensive, its reasons, goals, motivations, and objectives.

The US/NATO are holding regular meetings of what they call “Ukraine Defense Contact Group,” a gathering of western countries meeting to strategize military, financial, and otherwise support for Ukraine. Their latest meeting happened to take place on Sept. 8, two days after the beginning of the offensive.

Coincidence? No.

The offensive was launched two days before the meeting, and the results at first sight appeared to be “spectacular.” AFU, in a blitzkrieg look-alike was kicking Russians out of important cities and transport hubs, taking territory at lightning speed, threatening cities and garrisons set up by Russia to defend gateways to other regions, and hoisting their flag all across territory until recently under Russian control.

Four days into the offensive, Allied troops have been forced to abandon important cities and towns, e.g., Balakleya, Kupyansk, Izyum, and others, even though the fog of war has blocked reliable information about the true state of these and other locations. Some of these cities are only partly occupied, fighting is still going in some areas.

Last month, Ukraine launched an offensive targeting Kherson along the Ingulets river that turned into a complete disaster, thousands of casualties, approximately 10,000 between KIA/WIA. Tons of equipment destroyed, the steppe littered with hundreds of burned tanks, armored cars, artillery, and the like. Ukraine had been advertising an offensive since late June to be coming in July, then August, then September, even next year, the location for the offensive was not clear. Kherson was a target; however, it was rumored the real target was Kharkiv.

The defeat of the Kherson offensive was a severe setback for Ukraine, and many donors refused to continue providing Ukraine with weapons, money, or both. Therefore, Ukraine needed an operation that would prop up its stance before the countries gathering at Ramstein for the “Ukraine Defense Contact Group.” That was the purpose of this operation, mounted for geopolitical purposes and gain, not to press for any military advantage or to further a strategy.

According to observers, the “Ramstein” offensive is another one of Zelensky’s whims, as it was Kherson. Ukrainian high command opposed the operation, knowing well they were committing all their manpower reserves. They also committed most of their hardware, however, that is easy to replace, the Collective West permanent ratline from Poland keeps on getting new equipment. Not so easy with men, given Ukrainians are refusing to be drafted, women are demonstrating against their spouses, and children, getting recruited into a war they cannot win.

Even mercenaries, after a wholesale killing of a few hundred of them, many left, others refused to go fight for Ukraine. Regardless, they are bringing soldiers of fortune from the ME, where there is plenty of former ISIS/Al Qaeda, and all the letter soup of terrorist organizations, unemployed and ready to go to work, as long as there is money. One of the innovations in this latest operation was the use of mercenaries at the frontline, leading the strike group. It has been customary for AFU to use regular soldiers or territorial guard (teroborona), at the frontline of attack, preserving special forces/mercenaries for a second or third wave in reserve.

Not this time.

The entire operation was a NATO plan to the last detail, using NATO intel, satellites, communication, and logistics. Command and control centers were taken over by US/NATO operatives, insuring direction of the operation. US/NATO aggression against Russia is now out and in the open. The stakes for Russia are higher, having to face the Collective West directly, not only Ukraine. Fifty countries gathered in Ramstein last Thursday to “support” Ukraine, a euphemism they are using to cover their real objective, drag Russia into another morass like Afghanistan that would bleed Russia white, break her economy, cause social upheaval, and get Russia ready for regime change.

As of closing of this article, and despite Russia’s relentless counterattack, AFU continue to advance to the south and east, gaining more than 800 sq kms in about 4 days, threatening Lysychansk, the Donbass deep south, Kherson, even the Russian border. Scott Ritter, on his analysis of the current offensive, pointed out that Russians could not have been taken unaware of AFU troops massing in their surroundings, however, Ukraine’s innovative tactics, NATO-designed and lead, took Russia by surprise, could not respond in kind and on time, and broke the Kharkiv front, making AFU advances east and south operationally viable.

Ramzan Kadyrov, who has committed thousands of his people to the war effort, made the following statement re: the “Ramstein” offensive.

<b>If there are no changes to the special military operation today or tomorrow, I will be forced to go out to the leadership of the country to explain to them the situation on the ground.</b>

– Kadyrov

Kadyrov has criticized the situation:

– I, Ramzan Kadyrov, am officially declaring to you that all these towns will be given back. Our guys are already there. Another 10 thousand fighters are ready to leave.

– In the near future we will reach Odessa, you will see concrete results.

– I am not a strategist, as in the Ministry of Defence. But mistakes have been made. I think they will draw conclusions. When you tell the truth to your face, you may not like it. But I like telling the truth. We talked to the commanders at the fronts.

– It is a shame that nothing was said for a few days. It is obvious that people were not prepared for that. We always talk about our work.

– If there is no change in the special military operation today or tomorrow, I will have to go out to the leadership of the country to explain to them the situation on the ground. It is very interesting, “awesome” I would say.

– There are several pluses in giving them several villages and towns. We did not advertise it, but we had a special mission. Our guys have gone in and started their work.

– In the near future we will meet with military correspondents and explain to them what patriotism is. Patriots must not be offended if someone did something wrong. We must unite people around us.

– I know one thing. Russia will win. NATO weapons will be crushed by the spirit of our fighters. Our appearance is already making their hands and feet tremble.

We certainly hope Kadyrov is right, that Russia will own the mistakes he is pointing out, that they will be corrected, and that Russia will win.

To be cont’d…