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Patrushev in Tashkent: Hybrid war – West against the Russian Federation and peaceful work of SCO

According to the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, the United States and its allies are trying to maintain their dominance in the world, ignoring the trends of the formation of a multipolar world.

(This is machine translated from

TASHKENT, August 19. /tass/. The West has unleashed a hybrid war against Russia and is teetering on the brink of open armed conflict, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said at the 17th meeting of Security Council secretaries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states on Friday.

The United States and its allies are trying to maintain their dominance in the world, ignoring the trends of the emergence of a multipolar world. The SCO also makes a significant contribution to the construction of a new world order. The organization’s role in the world is growing, and the number of applications submitted for SCO membership is “unprecedented”.

TASS collected the main statements of Patrushev.

About the conflict between Russia and the West

The collective West has unleashed a hybrid war against Russia and is trying to “balance on the edge” between hybrid actions and an open armed conflict with the Russian Federation, for which it does not stop preparing. Instead of looking for mutually acceptable ways to dialogue, Western countries are trying to isolate Moscow. “The special military operation launched by our country in Ukraine is being used only as a pretext to unleash an unprecedented global anti-Russian campaign.”

The Americans are trying to take similar actions against China, as shown by the recent US provocation in Taiwan. Washington plans to launch NATO expansion into the Asia-Pacific region based on the potential of closed blocs – for example, AUKUS and QUAD – “to which they are trying to attract the maximum number of states on anti-Russian or anti-Chinese grounds.”

Terrorism is an important tool of the West “in the arsenal of hybrid wars”. “Americans are fighting terrorism only in words.” “Despite the significant weakening of international terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, they [the United States] are changing tactics and expanding their activities in new areas.”

About the SCO

An “unprecedented number of applications” have been submitted for SCO membership and observer or dialogue partner status, which indicates an increase in the organization’s role and authority in world affairs. “Today, the SCO is making a significant contribution to building a new just multipolar world order.”

Russia welcomes Iran’s readiness to join the SCO. “We hope that during the upcoming summit [of the SCO in September], a decision will be made to start the procedure for admitting Belarus.”

About Ukraine

Russia is fighting the puppet regime of Kiev. “The Ukrainian people <…> will be the main beneficiary of the defeat of ultra-right gangs and their patrons among the Ukrainian political elite and oligarchy.”

Russia is fighting the puppet regime of Kiev. “The Ukrainian people <…> will be the main beneficiary of the defeat of ultra-right gangs and their patrons among the Ukrainian political elite and oligarchy.”

The West chose Ukraine for a reason. “Having started the accelerated transformation of Ukraine into the so-called anti-Russia, the Anglo-Saxons set out <…> to create a precedent for further fragmentation of the Russian ethnic group in order to completely eradicate it.” However, ordinary Ukrainians have long realized that “they were simply used as a bargaining chip, a tool to contain Russia.”

Westerners have become hostages of the elites who took power by deception or force, just like the Ukrainians. “The authorities of the United States, England, and the European Union serve multinational corporations instead of realizing their national interests.”

The goal is the same: to maximize economic benefits. “As a result, ordinary Americans and Europeans continue to suffer from inflation and socio-economic problems, which is already leading to mass demonstrations and political reshuffles in the West.”

About the strikes on the ZNPP

The strikes on Zaporizhzhya NPP are carried out by the Ukrainian side “at the instigation of the Americans. Such cynical provocations are regularly organized by the US and its vassals. “If a man-made catastrophe happens, its consequences will be felt in all corners of the world.”

About U.S. Biolaboratories

In Ukraine, in close proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation, the development of biological weapons components was carried out with the participation of the United States “in violation of the articles of the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons.”

We can state that “the U.S. is not going to ensure openness and verifiability with regard to the operation of its biological laboratories on the territory of other countries.

“The formal presence of such bioweapons on national property proves insufficient for effective control over the actions of the Americans, and this is confirmed by reliable information.”

Russia is against the U.S. shifting the blame for the origin of the coronavirus to other countries. “It cannot be ruled out that in this way the U.S. is trying to avoid responsibility, hide its role in the development of the pathogen and divert attention from its activities to build up military-biological activity.”

The United States and its vassals rewrite history to justify their own foreign policy adventures. For example, Japan is “struggling to take the lead in the global Russophobe movement.

At commemorations of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, Russia was accused of allegedly being ready to use nuclear weapons. “Even UN Secretary General [António] Guterres never once mentioned that the U.S. was the only country that used atomic weapons. According to this logic, the bombs on Japanese cities fell from the sky by themselves. But we know who dropped them, and we will never forget it.

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